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Author Topic: Bella of adore  (Read 1175 times)

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I've been wanting to see bella for a while now and finally decided to do it. 30 minutes incAll £70.
Newcastle quayside apartment building with communal access. Rang and got number of apartment with no problems.
Now I have in the past always booked any escort for a 1 hour appointment as I like not to be rushed and need the time to fully enjoy myself but as no one on ukpunt could give me any information I decided on 30 minutes. So anyway..............
Bella answer the door, guys she's a hottie. I know she won't be for everyone but if you like her pictures they very accurate. She's a lovely girl, and this made me very nervous ( my fault not bella)
So paper work out the way and in bedroom.
Bella is very chatty and has a lovely smile and was dressed in sex black number that did not stay on long, onto the bed a started kissing nicely more gfe ( not deep) though and started H.R. I am going to say I was very excited by now. ( 2 minutes in to punt) which is nothing like any other punt I've had, so asked for 69. Now bella did put a condom on for oral but I never asked for anything different and to be honest I thought it would slow me down abit. (Wrong )
So she sits on my face and I get to see and taste the tightest little pussy I've ever had, which was pierced. The ow was good but after a while I thought it'll be all over if this keeps on going so I ask for doggy. Big mistake. Now I'm not the biggest boy in the shower but that pussy is tight and with bella bucking back and me getting to see everything I just couldn't last. I dumped the lot in the hat after about 5 minutes. I can never do round 2 so after a clean up and abit banter I just got ready and left but was NOT rushed in anyway. I don't know what happened as I normally need a lot more time. Haha.
To summarise, in my opinion bella is very attractive with lovely body and seems like a cool girl.
Apartment was out the way and never see any other person but is other apartment door and people living there so might not always be like that.
I know owo is a deal breaker for some but I never asked for anything different and it didn't bother me on this occasion.
Maybe a 15 minute appointment would have been better but that's MY fault NOT bella.
I had a good time with a hot girl so I'm happy.  :D I would go back definitely and I would recommend her if your a fan of her pictures
I am really sorry but I've been trying to learn how to like and can't but she's on the adore website.
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Offline Looking4fun

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Offline Rod trotter


Never used this mob.caprice looks a hottie mind :hi:
Banning reason: Pathetic little shit threatening Admin that he would get himself banned unless his account is deleted


Never used this mob.caprice looks a hottie mind :hi:

My first time as well. I know some people wouldn't use them for good reasons but them pictures of bella. Just had to try. All went well.

Offline Looking4fun

My thoughts also only one I wouldn't book if I'm being honest, what's the crack with this agency rod?

Offline Looking4fun

Oh the pennies dropped god I'm slow today, thanks

Offline Philbiao1

Great review. Bella does look lovely but I currently have a self imposed top whack of £60 per half hour.

Offline johnny34

Being the agency of the 'chest sitter' + £70 for 30mins + oral with, its a big fat No for me  :thumbsdown:

Offline maxxblue

Does anyone who has seen Bella know if:


is the same as this girl:


I know that the quality of the photos are not the same, but Bella has not been available for some time on the Elite website, and the girl from the Vivastreet ad has a canny resemblance to Belle (unless I need to go to Specsavers!)

Offline Bengeo13

I hope so. She got a great review on here a while ago and I made a note to see her but as you've stated max she's hardly been available at Elite.
We could always ask?

Offline OscarC

Why would you want to use this agency? See warning posted by Admin relating to threats by the agency:


Why would you want to use this agency? See warning posted by Admin relating to threats by the agency:


Exactly...that agency could have Rachel Riley,Kelly Brook etc on their books and I still wouldn't give them the time of day. :thumbsdown:

Offline maxxblue

Cheers OscarC and foreverchanges, I didn't realise that Elite was the dodgy agency - a shame as there are a few girls I had been planning to see.

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