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I certainly learnt from a recent experience it is worthwhile having alternative plans if the original booking falls through and it paid off in aces yesterday.

I had booked Veronica-a level earlier in the week and comms were easy and all sorted. For reason unknown total silence on the day with no response to my texts ,calls and emails.

So as I say I was semi prepared and had loaded a few numbers on to my phone in case.
No answer from the 3 I tried but I was prepared to bide my time as I was hoping to arrange something lastminute.com.

 I was hungry so I popped into a local shop to grab a sandwich as I was exiting the phone rang and it was CutestLucy  :yahoo:  she asked if she had responded too late and I said not at all and could she see me today in the next couple of hours. We agreed a time and game on  :dance:

Easy to get to from where I was and just a few minutes walk from tube. It was a cold day and as I entered her flat I apologised for my cold hands. She looked very cute indeed and gave me a lovely kiss and cuddle. I availed myself of her facilities and she beckoned me to sit next to her on the sofa where we started to kiss passonately. She took my t shirt off and then pulled my jeans down and took me into her mouth. She got me to stand up and I removed my clothes completely as she DTd me, her oral skills are fantastic and it just felt amazing.
Off to the bedroom for more of that action and then what little clothing she had was removed so I had access to her as we exchanged oral.
Mac on and we started off in doggie, well you know the joke were you tell your girlfriend that her sister looks better in that position and you hold on for dear life ? Well f@ck me blind she was off like a rocket  :wackogirl: amazing banging away like that, I took a bit more control and varied the pace. She asked me to pull her hair...FFS... this was turning out to be incredible. I came inside her and we fell to the bed. Quick tidy up and had a nice talk,she is a really nice girl....made me feel a little guilty....but not for long.
Round 2 starts with more kissing then RO and her giving me some more great oral taking my entire length in...a maz ing
Got her on her back as I enter and at this point,though I did finger her arse, I wasn't sure if A was on her likes list as I wasn't overly familiar with her profile details. I asked and she said yes but wasn't sure if she could manage me but would try...happy days.
I have been refused before even by supposed pornstars but we lubed up and off we went.
Started in mish then moved to doggie were I proceeded to give her a right rogering which she took,somewhat to her amazement I believe going by her exclamations. Absolutely the best A I have ever had,albeit limited,and she responded superbly.
I asked for facial and warned her that it would be a lot....and it was...right on her face and she sucked the end which felt unbelievable :wackogirl:
Had a shower and returned to the sofa where it all kicked off. I apologised for asking but wasn't sure of the cost for the hour and only at that point were terms mentioned.
In summary she is a really cute girl with a nice figure but her performance is the best I have experienced so far. I could easily get fluffy about her and would definitely recommend her and if I get the opportunity I would see again and I have not felt like that before.

https://www.adultwork.com/3329708 or https://www.adultwork.com/CutestLucy

46 review(s) found for CutestLucy linked to in above post (39 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative)

Thanks for the review HM. Glad you had a great punt without having to book weeks in advance as with some of the favourites on here, so sounds like an excellent new find. Added to HL.

Thanks for the review HM. Glad you had a great punt without having to book weeks in advance as with some of the favourites on here, so sounds like an excellent new find. Added to HL.
True but I have to say hats off to mf_1101 , he discovered her and I went on the strength of his review  :hi:

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