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Author Topic: sweet jessica xxxx - Coventry City Centre  (Read 493 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3239057 or https://www.adultwork.com/sweet+jessica+xxxx

Comms were very good, she even sounded a little Asian on the phone. The first strange thing was the sound of a loud child making a noise in the background. A quick chat about her likes list and were there any at discretion type issues I should worry about. Her reply was that all was fine and all happily available.

I eventually found the discreet location of the apartments having been guided in by Jessica on the phone.

A nice clean bedroom with a collection of oils and condoms on display but no clock. The room itself was a typical little box room 8x10 feet with two single beds pushed together! Entirely separate units with the Grand Canyon waiting to swallow punter and pro$$ie for any false moves.

The best likeness of Jessica on AW is in the zebra print dress, Asian is complete bollocks! According to her she is half Czech and half Spanish, most likely scenario is her mother was a Romanian pro$$ie and told her it was 50/50 her dad was Czech or Spanish. She is about 5'6 with big heels that didn't come off, long black hair, wide gob, a nice handful of arse and possibly B cup tits with cigar types nipples, age nearer 30 than 20.

She greeted me wearing a thong and a jeweled belt. The vast array of services: kissing virtually no existent, a brief coming together of lips at the start and any future attempt was either avoided or fended off with some impressive tongue. Oral was without a condom and without any effort to deep throat, a bit of that tongue action used to good effect during the blow job. I had to move over to the middle of one of the beds for her to climb on top. Rolled over and swapped beds for some mish before heading down for some oral. One of the highlights of the punt for me, for her the same disinterested look of, "Can't you take a hint and fuck off - I've had your money!" Surprisingly she let me finger her arse but fucking it was an extra £20 and was too big (I wish!). Put a finger in her pussy and she remembered from pro$$ie school that it wasn't allowed. General grumpiness throughout, ticklish neck, no stroking as ticklish, a firmer touch is required but not that firm and gentle on the nipples and clit, but not that gentle - FFS.

After more shagging in various positions, doggie being the best it was time for the finale. She was quite happy for CIM and it seemed like a good idea at the time (big mistake!). Removed condom and decided it was time for the wet wipes, why I have no idea because even after wiping it she didn't put it back in her mouth. Finished off with a hand job to the side of her face. I nearly managed a facial and CIM, the first shot was a glancing blow off the side of my head, the second got the corner of my mouth.

A brief massage (spreading of oil on back) to see out the time, I think she had an alarm set for the hour so if you want to time it right you might need your own watch.

I drove down Lower Ford Street on the way home and looked fondly at the flats where the occasional £70 bought an hour of good fun and thought of the £120 I had just parted with. VFM, interaction, services, comfort all shit. At one point I think the family returned with child and she had to let them in and explain I was still there. If you venture that way and there is a black cushion still on the bed you might find my DNA.

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