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Author Topic: Si_X AKA Sienna Marie - Cardiff  (Read 2951 times)

9 review(s) for Sienna Marie (6 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline thatguy

Date & Time:
2/3/16 4pm

Apartment at Cardiff Bay

The girl
Age: 24-26
Height: 5'6"
Dress: Size 8-10
Breasts: 32 G Enhanced
Hair: Long Raven/Dark brown hair
Face: Beautiful
Miscellaneous: Some tattoos

1 hr



How legitimate:


The meeting:
I've been planning to see Si for a very long time, but the £200 mark just made it hard for me, especially knowing that there are some fresh faces popping up every now and then in Cardiff that are worth a visit.
Anyway, I arrived on time as planned, parked up and called as arranged. After getting directions I made my way to where I needed to go.
At the door I was met by a truly stunning Welsh Busty Brunette, cum in my pants moment, however I held of on premature ejaculation. I was let in and offered a shower and a drink. I respectfully turned both down and got naked, as I began to ley down my cock was in her mouth before I my head it the pillow.
Very nice OWO, supplemented by her enhanced lips and superb wanking technique.
After a good 15 min of being treated like a king the johnny came on! every position known to man was tried and tested, then tested again, just for good measures. I had a great time and it appeared that Si was enjoying herself too.
Forgot to mention I went down on her too and she is very delicious indeed!
I received some more OWO and finished in her mouth, which she did not swallow.
All in all one of the best punts I've had in Cardiff. A stunning girl with a great body and wit to compliment the package.


Filthy and loving experience.



Would I return:


Will I return:


Value for money:

I've had similar for less.

https://www.adultwork.com/1560417 or https://www.adultwork.com/Si%5Fx+%28sienna%29
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9 review(s) found for Sienna Marie linked to in above post (6 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

You probably already know this but it is a leap year. 

Offline Redevil86

Wow T G, you are a solder of fortune, Swansea the other day back to cardiff, all from Bristol these days,  ( have you punted in Bristol yet ? )  and it must be costing a pretty wedge, she's bee away I think but looks and sounds amazing, good one .

Offline malenko

The i had similar for less comment speaks volumes though - These £200 an hour girls really dont offer a service any different to the 120-150 an hour girls

Im glad you enjoyed though mate - she does look great

Offline Redevil86

Do agree about getting all I ever need for £120-150 tops, but she ( sienna) like Molly ( and others ) are so tempting as a one off, best to do a 3sum , eg kandice and Molly for 300, that I don't mind bushing the boat out for.

Offline malenko

Il be posting a review about Mollie when i have time. I didn't actually meet her but overall it was a negative experience.

Offline thatguy

Guys fully agree. Don't want to boast too much but I own my own dental practise so I can afford to punt when and where. I haven't really punted in Bristol only because I have a substantial HL for S. Wales. Nearly completed it so I can happily move along to my S.West list within a month or so.
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Offline Mil 34

So do you ever tell these girls to open a bit wider before you fill their cavities  :D

Offline bcg12

Whereabouts in Cardiff Bay is she situated?

Offline thatguy

Walking distance from Morrisons.
Same apartment block as 3 other WGs haha
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Offline thatguy

Cant kiss and tell but all british and have good feedback, but don't work together. probably don't even know about each other.
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Offline Redevil86

Intriguing as to how you know more about them than Thay do, brilliant , shhhhh

Offline jtfm

Last time I was with Sienna she reeled off a list of girls who work in that block, so perhaps they do know. In business you need to know what the opposition is up to.
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