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Author Topic: The Enchantress – Gloucestershire Hotel Outcall  (Read 1070 times)

6 review(s) for **The_Enchantress** (5 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/3254692 or https://www.adultwork.com/%2A%2AThe%5FEnchantress%2A%2A

I needed a break from life so checked out of life an into hotel to get away, phone off punting phone only with me for the duration.  Had a few regulars coming but fancied something shiny and new.  Picked the Enchantress as no photos and thought that would get the anticipation levels going which it did.


Emailed her on AW requesting a 3 hour meet on this day, for her advertised.  She replied promptly and asked me to put booking request through which I did but she needed to adjust time slightly so later start was confirmed.  All responses back from her made me feel special which was a nice touch!  On the day of the meet I had asked her to text as leaving so could give the body a final polish while she travelled.

The Girl

Was showered and waiting for her was watching out of over the carpark watching people pass not knowing what she looked like then out on nowhere a smart and hot chick walked past in brown boots and casual clothes carrying a folder of paperwork, thought to myself fuck me that’s nice.  Well shortly after got the knock opened the door and was delighted whit the girl with no photos, a pretty girl, well dressed and the numbers on her profile match the girl in front of me!

The Action

She seemed quite nervous about the whole no photos thing and did I like her, no response from me just leaned in and had a fantastic initial kiss, think that was the answer she was looking for.  She enquired what I wanted form the booking my response to make me cum and cum and cum and follow my lead, she said she could do that no problem.  Twisted the tale by saying I’m sure she would but I will make her cum more, she accepted the challenge, the competition was on!

Whipped out the wad from my pocket to get that out of the way, she turned around to put in her handbag as she did I had disrobed.  Turning around think all her fears about me fancying her had gone back to the kissing lots of tongues deep and shallow and very good, I like kissers who respond.  Her clothes where coming off one but one and by the time her top was off I was on the bed and she was on her knees giving a very nice variable depth and variable speed BJ, was nearly there so sat up picked up the girl put her on the bed knickers off and got the tongue and fingers to work on her which she responded very well seemed to enjoy and pushed me away to indicate job done.  Now back to work on me didn’t take long for me to blow my load this time seems like she had the right technique for me, well it was messy went everywhere mouth face and all over me which she lapped up some, first pop is always a laugh in my bed.  Took about 20 wipes to clean up the mess then back to some smooching and a little chat including asking her name seemed appropriate to ask then.

After the obligatory 5 min reload decided to check the tits so bra off and was impressed nice natural and a very good handful, don’t usually do measurements but would say possibly a big C or D cup with responsive nipples. The 3 hours progressed with lots of sex in various positions and lots of oral mixed in.

Would I Go Back or Recommend?

She has a fantastic attitude and everything was about me, pleasing me and getting me to cum, unfortunately for her she lost the cum competition but not through lack of trying.

I will be back and the ball will be in motion soon once I have dates confirmed for a future break which I mentioned my punting tour, she said she has heard that word before and said is that something to do with fluffies and white knights, well I laughed !

Would recommend to anyone who does outcalls and enjoys a realistic GFE!

What Might Put Others Off?

Lack of photos for starter

Outcall only bookings

She supports Bath RFC

6 review(s) found for **The_Enchantress** linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Great review and glad you had a great time  :thumbsup:

Obviously a woman of class, Bath RFC have not had the best of seasons but we will return.

Obviously a woman of class, Bath RFC have not had the best of seasons but we will return.

Never new girls like this existed in Bath

Yes agree Bath will be back, just like this one will be back sooner !

Excellent.  :drinks: :drinks:

Yes, another good outcall only person for the VW crop rotation.

Yes, another good outcall only person for the VW crop rotation.

Booked to see her again this Wednesday  :thumbsup:

Booked to see her again this Wednesday  :thumbsup:

Have a good one, do agree with your comparison with Imogen Poots, just re read your review !

This is the one that most looks like the enchantress IMHO

Offline pking_paul

Thanks for the heads up. I tend to ignore those with no photos. As she is so hot, did you find out why?  :unknown:

Thanks for the heads up. I tend to ignore those with no photos. As she is so hot, did you find out why?  :unknown:

Yes, discression

Offline GBush

Banning reason: Previously banned (The Real Midas Touch)

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