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Author Topic: Anyone seen Jane.18xxx in Croydon recently?  (Read 690 times)

Offline Macska

Hello guys,
Would anyone please give a review of Jane.18xxx who works in Croydon now? www.adultwork.com/3310751
I'm planning to see her next week. I read one review here when the punter didn't meet her and I'm wondering how good is she when it comes to a meeting. Thank you.
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Offline galileo

Please let me know when you plan to visit and I will do my best to book a visit prior to yours so that I can let you know what she is like before you invest your money.

Offline The_Don

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Offline SamLP

I saw her in Wembley once. Not a bad punt. Needed some encouragement to kiss but she responded and kissed well, but not throughout, I had to initiate it everytime. OWO was amateur and she was tight in sex. I enjoyed it and for £40 for half an hour it wasn't so bad. Others may have come away thinking it was a neutral or negative, and of course YMMV. She may seem cold and her English is practically zero but with a few smiles and trying to crack a couple of jokes even though she didn't understand I managed to break the ice.

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