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Author Topic: Bethany of Diamonds  (Read 758 times)

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Offline Philbiao1


I'm not usually one to make advanced bookings as I'm never too sure what I'm doing day to day, I like to book appointments on the fly. However, this does mean I'm often left disappointed when I make that call. Such was the case with Bethany. I've tried making appointments for the last three months or so.

So, it was on Friday that I called up and Lo and behold I booked an appointment for Saturday (today).

I made my way to the venue and called up Diamonds for the number. Unfortunately, it turned out that Bethany was running late and I was sticking out like a sore thumb. I made myself scarce (I had walked there as I assumed that parking would be difficult) and waited till it was time to pop in.

As I've never been there before I took the lift and got off on the wrong floor and spent a few moments trying to find the right flat. Once I was there I tapped on the door and entered...

Now, we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, one man's Kate Upton is another man's dog toy, but HOLY SHIT was Bethany stunning. She greeted me at the door cheerily, wearing lingerie that left nothing to the imagination and fishnet stockings.

I was led into the bedroom where I got a better look at her, and, yes, my first impressions were correct, she was fit. Blonde, short, and perfectly formed, she kinda reminded me of adult movie star Nicole Aniston. With paperwork complete, we kissed. I was expecting closed mouth pecking but nope, open mouthed with plenty of lovely tongue action. She was very complimentary about my kissing and my lips, and she'd be right, lol.

Anyway, I soon shed my clothes and she snaked her way down and I braced myself. Good Lord in Heaven, I was treated to a lush blow job that contained all the best bits. Eye contact, spit, ball work, licking, kissing, spitting, with hands, without hands, grabbing my arse cheeks to pull me closer, and did I mention the horny eye contact?

She quickly found my "spot" and wasted no time in teasing the hell out of me. Onto the bed for more oral where she asked if I've ever been rimmed. She quickly had me with my legs raised and tongued me. I was then flipped over as she wanted to trombone me and Christ, I've never felt anything like it. A tongue snaking it's way around my hoop, whilst skillful hands brought me teetering on the edge.

I was enjoying the oral so much that we continued along those lines. A fantastic 69 session followed (I found her magic spot and we engaged in some one-upmanship), she buzzed my balls with a vibrator whilst sucking the dear life out of me. With time marching on she asked where I'd like to cum, with CIM on offer, she knelt on the ground and sucked and teased me to the inevitable conclusion. She continued to suck for a minute afterwards and God knows how I managed to remain standing.

A bit of chat and I was back on the streets beaming.

Bethany was worth the wait. She's gorgeous, extremely friendly, very funny, and is in my top three of escorts. I will certainly be back and then some.
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Offline OscarC

Going to have to see this minx for myself sooner rather than later!

Offline Philbiao1

I'm already looking to see when I can book more time off work.

Offline johnny34

Great review thanks Philbiao1  :thumbsup:

Bethany is already on my HL, can't wait to see her she sounds great.

Offline Houdini

Great review - shes a cracking lass that's for sure  :P

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