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Author Topic: Passionate Smiley-Finchley  (Read 1441 times)

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Offline davidgood

Sarah was brought to my attention by a PM from a regular poster and reviewer. I found she had a few good reviews but nobody seemed to have taken her ‘off road’. So when the opportunity arose I arranged a meeting to enable me to give her a full road test.

Comms were OK and mainly by text which I knew were through her receptionist.  My concern was that my special requests might not get through but decided that I would cross that bridge when I came to it.

I arrived a little ahead of time but that was no problem and I was given the flat number.

I was let in by Sarah who was wearing just a light summery dress, no stockings but she assured me she had them and anal should be possible, subject to size, so I handed over the fee.

Before going any further I was asked to wash my hands. I returned to find Sarah putting on a pair of fine mesh hold ups. Not my first choice but I could live with them, especially as I was already being stimulated by the sight of her slim, well-toned and tanned body.
We had a bit of a light snog and then onto the bed where Sarah gave me a thorough wet wiping. She expressed a bit of concern at the size of my member but I assured her I would be gentle.

Although Sarah seems to like to take control I got her to lie back so I could give her some, licking, sucking and rimming. She was very sweet and clean and she responded well to some 3 point stimulation.

She gave me a suck before covering me up and asking me which hole I wanted to enjoy first. I decided on pussy first and got her on her back for some deep mish.  I soon came and lay back but because I had not produced a large emission and was still hard she climbed up for some cow girl which developed into squatting cow girl, so I can confirm that she is a very fit nimble lady.

After a bit of a rest and chat she set to work on me with her mouth. Lots of spit and eye contact so very enjoyable.  Then on with the rubber for the main event.

She lubed me and the knelt on the edge of the bed on one knee while still standing on the other leg and slipped me into her pert little bum. I gave her a very good pounding before getting out another spurt. I can confirm that she definitely enjoys a  bit of anal even though she charges  extra for it.

A very enjoyable meeting and I would like to see her again sometime.

As usual some words of warning;-

Firstly, she is Hungarian. Her English is OK but not perfect   and as mentioned above comms are through a receptionist as she is a busy girl.

Secondly, she is a not a young girl but a very fit mature lady.

Thirdly, she is very concerned about hygiene, hence the hand washing and the use of wet wipes which I know some of you do not like.

Fourthly, she seems to move about a bit. She is going home at the end of the month and says she will be back in March and back to Finchley but who knows, she may end up in South London.

If these things do not put you off then this is the link;-

https://www.adultwork.com/3197601 or https://www.adultwork.com/Passionate+Smiley



7 review(s) found for Passionate Smiley linked to in above post (7 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline SamLP

Good review & glad you enjoyed the punt David. I saw Sarah twice recently in the Finchley flat. She has a good attitude but I went back because her OWO was excellent. Slow, teasing, deep, excellent ball sucking and she really licks the everywhere.

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