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Author Topic: PRINCESSxxxASIA  (Read 583 times)

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Saw her a few weeks ago when she was in Birmingham actually, she's got another negative review in a different section recently but thought I'd add my testimony.

I turn up to her apartment. She good looking but that's where the positives stop. The flat was really messy. She's wearing this thick lipstick which goes all over the place if you kiss her, not exactly discreet. She has stubble all over her body esp the legs. Now I'm not even much bothered by a bit of body hair so I'm not being fussy, this wasn't just 'doesn't shave' I'm talking about sharp Day 3 stubble all over her legs that actually hurts if you rub yourself against her. Also the bed she was on was dirty and had bits of other people's hair on it.

I'm too polite to just complain to her face so I just got it over and done with. She moans 'cum on my face' when I fuck her (which took ages coz she doesn't know how to position herself) so I do that, put my clothes back on and leave.

Except for a pretty face this girl is awful.


9 review(s) found for PRINCESSxxxASIA linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 7 negative)

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