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Author Topic: Jessy Latina Camberwell  (Read 880 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3356108 or https://www.adultwork.com/HOT+TONGUE


Booking & Communication, Location, Girl and Service:
One call, 2 minutes before arrival,location next to the coffee shop, brazillian nationality, impressed by her english, pictures are quite accurate. DFK, OW, OWO, Sex in various positions

Paid: £40 (quickie), 15 min

Additional Info:
My initial object was Colombian Rouse (Tatiana), long time on my hot-list, after 5-7 attempts to seen her I gave up.
Firstly could not reach the Maid by phone, no answer. Followed by success eventually, mentioned I'm 10 min away, when arrived been told that she's busy for 30 min (not another girl on the menu), called again after some time, same tale.,
Gave up moved to different parlour just 8 min away, checked the 2xGirls on my way there using smartphone, elected the one with less tattoos, blond.

Good evening gents

Hope you are going to have a great weekend!

Buzzed the bell, had been asked if I have an appointment, as phoned just about 1-2 minutes before arrived at the front doors. Given access.
First impression, nothing special, not even kiss on cheek. Have been left in the room for a quite while, when Jessy came back, asked for the reason of waiting for her so long (pictured her to teased me with clothes on, rubbing cock etc...) , the answer was simple, "bathroom". Yes, I did not give her enough time to be prepared, I have been hurry as lost plenty of time.

We open our session with OW, me on my knees, have a superb view on her back and firm ass, bending on all four (very submissive) throughout sucking me, (good technique with tongue which did not work because covered)initiated fingering her, vagina very wet (as been lubed by her, not because she was horny) and that was the moment when I realize her natural bodily smell (piss, urine) coming from vagina, which did freeze from licking her butthole, pussyhole. (reason of short time notice to come over). Please don't let this put you off! It was OK, the smell make me feel dirty, as a dog. :coolgirl:

This girl is awesome! Gents, she's Brazilian, although very much she's willing to do anything. After failed attempt to get hard enough, and get inside her, requested for suck without condom (now I enjoyed the tongue play) which she happily obliged. :yahoo: From this point I knew, it will be great 15 min punt and it really was. :) Eventually magic happend! :diablo:

Subsequently requested a kiss, and have been given the kind of "porn star" kiss (FK, DFK) with a lot  tongue and saliva. She's closing her eyes while kissing, it feels that she's imagining her boyfriend to be kissed  :sarcastic:(faking it in other words). But no complain, she knows how to pleased.

We exchanged few positions, removed condom and ordered to make handjob (wanking me off) with a great finish on her tits. This was obviously with a lot of enthusiasm and the right noises. She ran into bathroom, leaving me there without wipes although she handed me wet napkins from bathroom, still giving me to special attention what I really like on some latina WG's.

Definitely worth to stay for longer session, you will receive for what you paying for :cool:

Would I returned? If will find free time will come back (just two 2-3 days left per changing locations)

Kind regards


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1 review(s) found for HOT TONGUE linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks for the review, but TBH, the piss and urine puts me off  :vomit:

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