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Author Topic: Zizzi  (Read 1187 times)

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Offline Midlane

Having noticed Zizzi was just back from holiday I made a booking via asianoptions. Comms there are either fine or patchy, depending who is operating the phone.

This was well in advance, perhaps even a month. Address was given to me about a week before.

Then, a few days before, I was told it was cancelled because she's going on holiday again. No alternative offered, end of story.

Offline CelticWarrior2

Don't bother with AO to book Zizzi. Invasion are a safer bet - Aisha seems to have a good understanding with her and has never let me down. 007 also pretty reliable with the TWG's.
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Offline peter jb

That's a shame as I found Ben very helpful in past - you could ask him anything , whereas other agencies bit coy on girls " likes" list . But on last 2 times nobody picked up so I used 007, who I've probably used more than any other . It's the lack of good girls rather than good agencies that is the problem at the moment
Has Ben moved on ?

i haven't spoken to Ben for about a year,last time i called them around Nov 2015
it was still a thai girl who answered-who  didn't come across as particularly efficient.

Offline Midlane

That's exactly what I meant. Ben was always helpful and useful, even since he was at the other agency. The Thai girl came across rather as she was the one doing me a favour. But you've know idea who is holding the phone at any given point.

During the arrangements, I had texts from both him and her, and there was quite a striking difference in tone.

No, don't think he's moved on, but clearly isn't doing it all himself anymore.
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