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Author Topic: xxx Carmen Babe xxx - Stratford TOFTT  (Read 997 times)

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Was feeling super horny last night and firing off texts to WG's at 3am was getting me nowhere until this unreviewed, 0 feedback Hungarian text me back. Few texts abuot services and price (I wanted Anal OWO and swallow which she said fine to apart from swallow). £60 for 1 hour plus £20 extra for anal. After much deliberation (30 seconds) I got my coat.

She gave me the postcode and away I went. Got to the location and gave her a call. She said come to number xxx. Now, it says on her profile that she works from a secure and discreet apartment so when I found the address was a hotel I was a bit surprised. I called her and asked if she was in a hotel. She said yes of course! About 10 minutes more faffing until I worked out that it was not that hotel and she had given me the wrong postcode. Was very close to going home as I was pissed off and couldn't understand her over the phone.

Eventually got to the right hotel and parked in a side street. Walked in, phone to me ear hoping reception would leave me alone. I was wrong

I say reception, it was 2 Indian guys sitting by a table, one looking at a cctv screen the other glaring at me. I gave him a head casual head nod, not the downward friendly type but more of a backflick 'whats up'. As I could see the stairs I went straight for them so of course he started shouting at me. "Hey, where are you going?" I told him I was meeting someone. He asked what room number and as she had now answered the phone I asked her for the room number. He looked very pissed off then just said "second floor". I went up the stairs and the place was filthy. I really didn't want to be there anymore but I couldn't face going back down to my new friends.

Looking for the room a door opened and a dude came out and stared at me. I walked past him like nothing but at the end of the corridor I realised I had passed the door, you guessed it, where the dude had come out. At this point everything was telling me to go but I had made it this far so knocked on the door.

I was greeted by the smell of stale fags followed by a short fat woman with big but saggy tits. It was the same girl on the profile but I was hoping I'd find something attractive about her when we met in person. Nope

The room was tiny. Had a bed, a sink and a TV. No toilet or shower but I did notice some un numbered doors while looking for the room so guessing they are shared between the guests. She said £60 for 1 hour, no mention of anal which was good as I had changed my mind anyway. I stripped off and the pimp knocked on the door to take the money and engage in a 5 minute conversation.

I got on the bed and she started with OWO. I was surprised as it felt really good but after about 2 minutes she was asking about sex. I told her to carry on for a bit but after another minute she stopped and just said "sex". She put the condom on me and lay down for missionary. While banging her I noticed that she dried up quite quickly and her fake moans of pleasure were interspersed with real moans of discomfort. Not my problem so I pumped a bit harder, kind of taking out my disappointment on her pussy. Would also like to mention that she spent the whole time holding her belly out of the way which was probably the least attractive thing I have experienced in a long time.

Got bored and suggested we change positions so we went to doggy. She lubed herself up a bit first but after about 1 minute of more moaning she pushed me off and said "No, maybe just suck". I was like fuck sake. First she can't wait for sex now she can't wait to stop. Of course I didn't say anything I just lay back down and let her suck. Again it felt really good and after 10 minutes I was ready to pop. I told her to suck it deep and as soon as I started to cum she spat and most of it landed I don't know where but was definitely the most piss poor CIM ever.

She turned the lights back on and handed me a few baby wipes. She cleaned the spunk off of the hotel bedspread with more baby wipes which she probably does time and again so I had been rolling around in other guys baby batter. I felt ill.

Got dressed and went back downstairs and ran out the door before my friend on reception could harass me further. 30 minutes start to finish

Pros - Good BJ
Cons - Everything else

I feel dirty and disappointed. I was glad to get home

One more thing of note. In the hotel reception area there was a young girl with black hair talking on the phone. She looked stunning and if I had the opportunity to see her that would be amazing

3 review(s) found for xxx carmen babe xxx linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline LL

That sounds like a terrible punt but on the plus side it made for an entertaining read! So thanks.
Seriously though, you must have been pretty desperate to want to book her - look at the state of her in her pics!

This was 3:30am. I had tried many many others but got no replies from any. This was the only girl that replied. funny though as I didn't try any Romanians but now thinking a B&S shite service from a Romanian would have been better. If I got a response at that time of night that is

And for the record, Hartley hotel in stratford. Avoid it

Offline Lance

And for the record, Hartley hotel in stratford. Avoid it

Jesus. This hotel is full od WGs

I say avoid hotels, it always went bad for me. Flats, private houses is much better. When these girls are in temporary locations they think they can get away with things.

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