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Author Topic: Sexy Vivian - Thai Water St Group  (Read 918 times)

5 review(s) for SEXYVIVIAN.. (3 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

For a long while I have wanted to see Sexy Vivian, slightly been put off as the very limited reviews has bought her age into question and also actual sessions have been varied. After visiting New Katie 69 for the last couple of weeks and having an amazing time i questioned myself why take the risk

I had private messaged a couple of members who did recommend Vivian, if I got B&S hopefully it would be Katie, if not i walk, so decided to take the plunge!

No problems getting into appt, you ring the maid and she tells you the room number, I have been in the same block before, Vivian had the master bedroom with en suite.

First impressions of Vivian she is stunning , she is 5ft 2 / 5ft 3 , slim, enhanced tits, beautiful face and a fantastic arse! She isnt 25, a bit older.

Impressed with how sexy Vivian is i decide on an hour booking.

We discuss likes / dislikes as I start to undress , no fingering in pussy or bum, ok to FK, no CIM, no problem with the request for anal and to perform oral on her.

We start with Vivian rubbing her bum against me as im sat on the end of bed, we start chatting and its clear to me she has a good grasp of english, i compliment her on her looks and she asks me if I have been here before, bit of a white lie i tell her i wanted to her start of Jan but had B&S with Teya, when in fact it was Katie who i wanted to see, i tell her i have wanted to see her before but worried about switching.

Vivian turns round and we start kissing , closed mouth at first, soon she warms up and we FK lightly for a few moments, i get the feeling she isnt into kissing.

Soon i am sucking on her nipples and when I request to lick her pussy she starts to give herself a wipe down with a wet wipe and she wipes my mouth with a second wipe! Then she tells me just to lick her pussy on the outside and not to put my tongue up her pussy hole ,  I ask to lick her bum and again she wipes her bum with a wet wipe and gives my mouth a wipe with another wet wipe! She was demanding i lick her deep and she wanted my tongue right up her bum. Her bum is very tight, i have only done anal with a few girls and she seemed to be the tightest.

I tell her I wanna fuck her arse, my dick gets a wipe , quick suck to get me harder, I am already hard and Vivian tells me her arse is really tight and i need to be very hard, on with the rubber and she drags me over to the corner of her room where the mirrors are, she leans forward against the wall, sticks her bum out and tells me to fuck her arse, yes she swears and I loved it! Watching myself fuck Vivian in her arse in front of the mirrors was pretty good! At first it was a struggle as she isnt very tall and her bum hole is so tight and I was having to slightly crouch down,i told her to put on some high heels which was close by, and now her bum was at the same level as my cock, now i was really enjoying it!

Here things start to get interesting:
Soon Vivian starts whispering "fuck me like Teya! wtf! I'm loving this dirty talk,  then i play along and tell her I want a two girl with Teya and I want her Vivian to lick her pussy! At this point I know it isnt to long before I'm gona blow, Vivian is telling me cum in her bum but I'm keen to carry on with this role play, i tell her i want doggy on the bed and for Vivian to lick Teya's pussy. As we switch she removes the rubber quickly grabs another one, it seemed liked ages to get back on, i think at this point i'm either gona blow.

We start doggy but slowly , she tells me to fuck her harder, i was doing my bit but the bed was to soft and im sinking into i, also it felt her pussy wasnt that tight,I'm not enjoying this as much now, i shouldnt let things bother me but the bed was awful, still in role play mode and slightly on a downer when i think i could still be doing her in her bum i tell Vivian that Katie is my number 1 thai girl and Vivian shouts back that she hasnt fucked me hard enough yet! At this point I blow my load!

Out came the wet wipes, Vivian wiping me and herself!

After everything wiped up Vivian suggested a massage and a few mins break we start again! To be fair , she did give me a good massage, she used this hot wax on my shoulders and got rid of a few knots, as she was massaging my shoulders we start chatting, she tells me she likes to be cheeky, naughty, her and Katie could not work for most of the day as the painters were in and she was telling me about their day in Brum. She tells me she thinks she is fat and she eats too much, if i bring her ice cream she'll fuck me harder next time! I am asked if I want a toy in my bum i decline this and ask her if I could use a toy on her and she also declines! She asks me to massage her, again with the bed rubbish we chat some more and  i tell her i'm ready for round 2.

This lasted about 10mins , bj this time with a condom on, she rides me for a short while few mins the sight of this is amazing! Then she jumps off takes of the rubber, squirts my cock with lube and starts wanking me off spitting on my cock, there wasnt much spit, think it was just a noise she was making, after a  few mins its over, the mutual filthy talk,  the sight of her pussy and bum in the mirrors is what seals it for me.

Attack of the wet wipes again and Vivian offers me a shower, i decline but i start to dress myself Vivian is in the bathroom in full light, she is pretty dont get me wrong but she isnt 25. But her body, appearance is faultless so I'm not complaining.

Overall I am glad i have seen her, not regretted it, but looking back I feel she would be a safe bet for a 30min booking and she just passes with a positive rating:

What was a bit of a let down was the lack FK, when i kissed her body she was ticklish so didn't continue, bit of a let down for the GFE.
No fingering her bum not even with a rubber and limited access to her pussy.
The wet wipes! Thanks for being super clean i appreciate it! But i felt like i was a lot cleaner walking out her appt compared to when i walked in!
The whole session felt like a performance, was she asking who i had seen before to use in the role play? Is the dirty talking part of the act?
The bed was a let down, lost a bit of rhythm and flow.

What was good was her very tight bum, shagging her arse in front of the mirror with her in high heels. If anal wasn't on offer i think this review would have been negative. Comms wasnt an issue with Vivian, she spoke English really well that helped make the session a lot more enjoyable.

I have thought what an hour session with Kate would have been like, I think sexually it would have been better, she has given me a proper GFE in the last couple of weeks, she gives the impression that she enjoys it, but I liked Vivian's role play, filthy talk and the fact we could have a conversation.

Not sure if this relevant to this review but in the past I have mentioned that I am a one pop man and 30mins booking are more suited to me, recently after reading posts about viagra and blue pills i did this to help with an hour booking:

Around 90mins before the meeting I took half a blue pill the 100mg ones on an empty stomach,  drank plenty of water before i left on my journey, ate a banana around an hour before meeting,  up to 20mins before starting to drank a small energy drink and crushed the remaining half of the blue pill which i dabbed on my tongue and gums. It tasted horrible and at one point i thought i was gona throw up, that and the energy drink was making me heave. After around 5mins my heart was pounding, had a bit of a head rush and im sweating, luckily i had a bit of water and chewing gum in the car which got rid of the awful taste, when I walked over to Vivian's appt i think the cold air sorted me out, the result of all this I felt I was able to give my best performance. I dont think round 2 would have happened.

https://www.adultwork.com/1915133 or https://www.adultwork.com/SEXYVIVIAN%2E%2

5 review(s) found for SEXYVIVIAN.. linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

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