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Author Topic: Daiana baby - Hounslow  (Read 639 times)

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£60 for 30 mins.

Phoned her to inquire about a 1hr booking at a certain time, she said she would text me her reply. She texted me her price list! I texted her the time i would like for 1hr and then she texted back Ok and the postcode and street name(TW5, Ferraro Close). Got to the Location which is a big council estate and eventully she texted me "House number XX". There are some houses at the entrance to the road then some mid level new blocks of flats further down more old council high rise building mixed with lowrise flats. What a dump. The only houses i could see were near the entrace to the road and walking round i couldn't see the number she sent me.
Phoned her to say i cant find her house i told her i was standing at the top of road and i need some directions, she started barking the directions in a Sergeant Major type of way. WTF bitch - its not my fault i cant your place. Anyway i could hardly make sense of anything but i did recall she said "end of road" and something about a playground.

I decided to have one more go and drove towards the end of the road and voila there is a playground there as well and some more houses. All she needed to say was "drive to end and there are some houses to the right of the car park" - the stupid twat.

I am generally nervous going to new locations and her attitude make it even worse.

She opened the door and its her in the pics, quite pretty, skinny girl with blonde hair. Very standoffish, speaks good english. In her profile there is a huge list of GFE and PSE and i did check in the text to her that i wanted OWO and CIM.

I didn't get a good vibe so i switched to 30 min as she was quite pretty. What i got was OW, no Kissing, no sucking tits and a shag in mish.


1 review(s) found for Daiana baby linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Fact

saw her and then changed mind as she seem miserable in her pics.
on occasion, when the girl has wasted my time by changing her 'do list', i feel like writing a review with the actual address, just to give her back shit for wasting my time. I only stop as there are some nutty blokes and girls dont deserve that much of a rat out.

most girls have a maid or friend replying so i always ask before handing money, so if they lie, i ask for ££s back instead of walking off. I do this now as some girls just dont care and are ready for taking money and not delivering and happy to have a 'sergi' appear.

always difficult to walk away when brian says 'walk' but head below says, fuck that ass in front of you.

Better luck next time.

Cheers for the review. I almost visited after phoning for her location this week, but punted elsewhere. Looks like I saved punting funds for a better WG.  :drinks:

Offline Fact

given same address to one WG i was thinking of tofit'ing https://www.adultwork.com/KinkyYennY

oh well, better make a plan B, as I will be walking if not DFK

Offline Steely Dan

OP thanks for the review.  One to avoid.

Fact, did you see the gallery pics of KinkyYennY? We could call it: The mysterious case of the expanding belly. (Note to Sergei.  If you are going to photoshop one picture in a profile, you need to do all.)

Offline Fact

haha SD
i sometimes like a thick steak and the rump on this babe might be interesting.
well, when the mind is set to walk to plan B, a visit might just still be worth it.
Will report back later this afternoon

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