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Author Topic: Phoenix - Monday 8th February: 4-6 pm.  (Read 893 times)

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Offline Teessider

Finished my business in London by 3 pm, so took the opportunity to visit The Phoenix Club for their 4 pm party yesterday (Monday), as some of my favourite girls were on the schedule.  :)

I think the mid-afternoon parties are normally the quietest, and I was expecting low numbers, so I was surprised to see about 7 guys ready for action when I arrived. There were 5 girls hostessing including all the girls I was hoping to see – Luiza, Kasia & Izabella. Selina and new Brazilian girl Lola made up the party.  :dance:

Started with Selina, a rather quiet but quite pretty Romanian girl who I must say worked energetically non-stop throughout the party. We slowly undressed each other and got straight down to it with a little bit of lube and into a mish session with her over the edge of the bed and me standing beside the bed. I slid inside her nice tight pussy as she sucked on another guy’s cock. Within a few minutes her squidgy tight pussy was making me want to cum so I withdrew to save myself for later.  :timeout:

Over to another bed to meet up with Izabella. She’s been away for several months and it’s good to see her back partying again – still with the saucy banter and the sexy party antics. Had some nice erotic cowgirl, followed by doggy, followed by a very sensual mish.  :rolleyes:

To Kasia, the Duracell bunny, living up to her name. Off to the swing where I gave her a pussy licking followed by a nice long session of varied fucking, sometimes slow and sensual then sometimes fast and furious. Whatever I gave her, she wanted more - What a girl.  :wackogirl:

Onward to Luiza – she was being fucked by another guy but she beckoned me over, lubed up my balls and cock and gave me a slow sensual massage and said ‘stay there, you’re fucking me next’. She’s so hot and seems to love non-stop sex. When the other guy finished, she quickly agreed to go to the swing and we had a great session – she’s such a horny little minx.  :angelgirl: (not)

To Lola, her first day of partying and she’s a little anxious (as all newbies are) but keen to please, and we have a pleasant session of mish and doggy, and finish with a sexy session on the swing.  :)

Twenty minutes left, and I get Kasia back on the swing and set myself the task of making her cum. So I set about with a pussy lick and sure enough after a few minutes she is writhing about and twitching and getting a bit flushed.   :P  :wackogirl:

My turn to cum now and we go to the bed where I stand with my back to the wall and Kasia kneels in front and starts to suck me off. Then Izabella comes to join us and I enjoy a double blowjob with blonde and brunette running their lips along my shaft together. This is heaven, and after a few minutes they start to kiss each other with DFK and tits rubbing together.  :drinks:

Izabella is being mucky again and asks me to spunk on her tits. The kerfuffle attracts attention and 2 oriental lads join in the impromptu bukakke session and now there’s 3 of us furiously wanking over the 2 snogging girls. One of the other lads shoots his load and I follow within seconds - Izabella and Kasia both squeal as spunk showers over their tits.  :dancegirl:  :dancegirl:

That’s a proper finish to the party. Happy Days.  :cool:

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