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Author Topic: Foots Cray Massage in Foots Cray/Sidcup  (Read 487 times)

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Offline Twix


Saw this pop up on acemassage and gave them a call, was surprised that it was a land line number. Asked for prices £40 for 15mins, £60 30mins, £80 for 45mins and £100 for 1hr. £20 extra for OWO. The maid spoke really fast on the phone had to ask her to slow down and speak more slowly more than once. Got the number and told where the place is, its above some shops on Maidstone Road near the Toyota dealership.

Asked if it was the girls on the website and she said yes, made my way there and called when close by. The entrance in behind the shops, it was ok during the day but I wouldn't go at night. There was a gate before the door with a door bell which I rang at it took ages for the maid to come to open the door and gate. Was show in and told to go up to the very top 4 floors in total, now I know why she took so long! Was told to wait in the room and she will bring in the girls.

I liked the look of Jasemina and Erica on the site, two girls came in one at a time one was Lucy from Spain and the other was Emilia from Romania. Not the girls on the site and not that great looking or body wise. The maid came in and asked which one I liked, I said none and asked where the girls on the site are. She said they where last weeks girls and they change every week. I said I weren't happy and told her I was going, she tried to get me to stay for a short time only I said no. She got angry and said that I'm wasting her time etc so I walked passed her and the girls then started walking down the stairs while she was still moaning. Got to the bottom and opened the door and the gate was locked so had to wait for her to open it while she was moaning telling me not to go back there again.

So be careful of the bait and switch and the locked gate stopping you to get out! I did hear voices in the flat but only women not male so it may of been different if there a bloke there.


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