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Author Topic: What's the deal with this  (Read 765 times)

Went to go see cheeky Charlotte last week, (Charlotte of amour) based in Redcar, went on aw few days later was going to message her to arrange another booking.. Seen she has changed her name and moved to north west area completely re written her profile, changed all her pics to ones of a different girl (not blonde no tattoos definitely not same girl) didn't want to waste money on private gallery to see if that had changed.. She's now working as lexi dance..

Does this happen often? Could it be someone hacking her? Shame she was actually a nice girl.

Offline Rod trotter

Banning reason: Pathetic little shit threatening Admin that he would get himself banned unless his account is deleted

Offline Sar-Major

A few links would help

Well Rodder's, save ya breath sunshine. 

It's just another "Newbie" who expects every feker to run after him filling in the bits he can't be ARSED to do...........Just like his Mammy would......... :sarcastic: :sarcastic: :sarcastic: :sarcastic: :sarcastic:

 :hi: :hi:

Offline Barry Shipton

Does this happen often? Could it be someone hacking her? Shame she was actually a nice girl.

Yes & Yes.

Suggest you read the Puntingwiki section about AW - links at the bottom of this page.

At the risk of Sar Major calling me your Mum, I assume you mean this girl:

Option 1 is she retired and gave/sold it to another girl.

Option 2 a guy called Sergei who drives an old white BMW 3 series convertible bought it off a Russian spammer who conned her into handing over her password and has one of his stable of girls on it. All the signs are there - hidden feedback to disguise the change of name - expect her to appear in Romford tomorrow and Glasgow the day after.

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