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Author Topic: new katie69  (Read 1038 times)

28 review(s) for NEW KATIE69 (24 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline sanj07

Link: https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2705840

After a shit punt last night playing on my mind this morning i decided to go for a tried and tested punt could not risk another disappointment so went for katie many reviews on here,jumped in car on the way phoned to see if she was available was told yes and to ring when there.

Plenty of parking around water st 80p/hr it was raining. So got wet walking down there was a guy playing around with the intercom trying to get his car in so waited by the canal until he cleared got text on phone saying u lost ur booking as i missed a call whilst parking. So phoned straight back was told by maid can see katie if arrived the guy with the car had gone having trouble gettin in may have been another punter. Directions to flat could be better maid gets pissed off if asked to repeat herself.
Given apartment number which was groundfloor surprised it was groundfloor as it was a 3 digit number. Greeted at door initially i thought this is not katie she confirmed it was her and i asked to see the tattoo on her belly all confirmed and i was happy knowing this was going to be a decent punt. Sorted paperwork out she came back having rinsed with listerine, i was sittin on edge of bed and she gave me nice sloppy kiss and went on her knees and gave a nice prolonged owo whilst i undid her bra and fondled her breasts she then got up and gave plenty of dfk i picked her up and lay her on the bed and continued to kiss her she really knows how to use her toungue and gives a proper gf experience. I then gave her reverse oral 69 followed with deep oral and ball licking whilst i also got to finger her bum hole all nice asnd clean. She put the rubber on and went on top riding smoothly she does have a tight one i was taking things slowly she leaned over and started kissing. Whilst riding me we tried 3more postions and i was now ready for anal she lubed and i took her in mish whilst playing. With her feet and cud not hold any longer.

All cleaned up i saw the black ape by the pillow right at the end didnt scare me one bit i know some punters have had a moment with it. I had to wait 5 mins before being let out as another punter was coming in to see another girl in same flat whilst waiting and her sneaking through the door i also got to see the hughe black dildo on the draw. Which katie had a giggle about.

Overall great booking with a tried and tested girl she is sweet polite and goes with the flow and has a good grasp of the line of work she is in and seems to enjoy it.

Had to ring the maid again to ask how to leave the complex the entrance door was a nightmare u have to twist the knob to get out and also the main gate the exit button is on the left on a pillar i suppose in the dark you would have trouble finding it.

28 review(s) found for NEW KATIE69 linked to in above post (24 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline samsung1

Glad you had a good time with her, shes a cracker by the sounds of it.

By the way how tall is she? and are those melons fake?

Melons are natural and responsive  :thumbsup:

I'd say she's around 5'5

Offline sanj07

Katie is 5ft 6 as she told me as she commented on my height dont know about the melons they were firm with nice nipples. Need to try a diff thai girl surely they must provide a similar service

Does anyone know if thai anita is the same anita that worked there over a year ago?? Seen anita once it was even a better punt then katie but this year the pics were updated which looked like a diff girl. If it is the same anita i would like to see her

Anita is actually the same girl as Vivian.  I agree that the original Anita was as good if not better than Katie, but a bit quieter. Vivian took over the Anita profile over a year ago.  I seem to remember someone on here saying that the original Anita settled down with a punter.  Lucky bugger, that'd be a treat every night.

I've seen Vivian once a couple of years ago. She was fun and a good shag, excellent OWO and Anal in the price.  I've never been back as I thought her performance a bit theatrical and over the top.  She made me laugh and I had a good time though.


Offline kojin

did she really settle with a punter? she was the hottest asian girl i have ever seen .even hotter than any magazine model
Banning reason: Threats

I don't know if it's true or not.  It was mentioned in a thread a while back.  Sounds a bit like a fantasy to me, but stranger things happen at sea, etc. So who knows.

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