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Author Topic: Yummy Emma  (Read 2742 times)

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Offline SEW15


This punt was back in early December but still definitely needs a review as I've only recently joined this site and this is a girl that needs reviewing.
I text Emma to arrange a booking, got a quick reply and asked her her availability. I got an honest answer that she was booked.....gutted!!!! A few hours later someone hadn't confirmed so she text me back saying she was free and she'd tell him their appointment was cancelled.
I met her at a hotel in Wychbold that was very nice with hidden away parking at the rear and a side entrance so u didn't have to walk through the bar and made my way to her room.
She answered wearing a red fishnet body stocking with red underwear underneath....my eyes nearly popped out!!! She's got a gorgeous body, her tits are mind blowing when in front of u and her ass made me feel like I wouldn't care if I'd died after I'd touched it. She is quite tall though, maybe 6ft in heels, so if you're a shorter guy that doesn't like long legged women she may not be for u.
I entered the room, was offered the chance to shower but declined as I'd got showered before the drive and was offered a soft drink or water.
Emma started by giving me a massage which was nice and relaxing, then I returned the favour before giving her oral. We switched and she gave me OWO which was fantastic as she makes sure u can see her huge tits while she's doing it and she always makes eye contact.
I then requested that she sat on my face and lapped away at her incredible pussy before I got her on all fours and tongued her from behind.
It was now I put a rubber on and took it turns fucking her, tonguing her and my favourite......sucking her feet. She was a little ticklish but that just made me harder. We continued to fuck doggy style until she asked to go on top to cum which I happily agreed to. She came once after grinding on me which made me feel chuffed, but then told me to stay still so she could do it again!!! She came a 2nd time and collapsed forward and I proceeded to fuck her as hard as I could until I came too.

Emma is an incredibly friendly girl and very easy to talk to. Her body is immense and if you're a fan of big tits but fit, slim bodies she's you're girl.
Her OWO is great. It's very wet and very sloppy and her wanking technique is like a pornstars and to top it off she has a sweet, tight pussy.
She has recently been unavailable for incalls and could only do outcalls but as I was posting the links I noticed that had changed although she's moved from Wychbold to Droitwich.

By the way, to top the booking off she gave me a Yummy Emma 2016 calendar free of charge :-)

The girl is awesome.

3 review(s) found for Yummy Emma linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline IanBeale

Great review, totally agree with you.
I had Emma a few months ago, lovely person and she let me cream her arsehole, well worth a punt.  :hi:

Offline samsung1

Great review, totally agree with you.
I had Emma a few months ago, lovely person and she let me cream her arsehole, well worth a punt.  :hi:

What does that mean? you came in her arse?

Offline SEW15

What does that mean? you came in her arse?

I doubt that very much, I'm guessing a CS
She won't let u near her without a hood.

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