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Author Topic: LOLA Wolverhampton FBSM WOW !!  (Read 2486 times)

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Visited Lola after trying to see Hannah to no avail !! Now im a fan of Hannah and her service but this was as good !
Got an appointment last minute helped by great comms.
Large house on Compton Rd seperated into self contained flats.
Was greeted at the front door by Lola in a black thereapists outfit, she was very warm and friendly. Entered her room which was warm and clean with massage table and bed. Whilst i was undressing so was she ! great body , tanned few tats but nothing offensive, great tits.
The massage commenced and it was good not quite as firm as i prefer however still good. I am not going to go into every detail but i will say DFK throughout, touching everywhere with mutual enthusiasm, great conclusion for both parties !!
Would i return ?? YES Today but ubfortunately she off until next Monday.

£50 for 30 Mins , i think GFE is on offer as per web site but didnt go into that.

Lovely,enthusiastic lady with good attitude ! Treat her well,,,,

9 review(s) found for Green eyed lola linked to in above post (9 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Online Placebo88

Thanks for the review , provides a lot of useful information and gets her a place on my hotlist.

I know looks are a personal thing , but did you consider her to be facially attractive ?

As far as massage service goes ,what are the main differences between her and Hannah in terms of services offered and style ?

One last thing , never write ' treat her with care ' , it is one of the worst things you can write on UKP , think it through and you will see how worthless and potentially insulting it is.I am pointing it out before others jump on it. Can we safely say lesson learned.

Again , thanks for the review and interested to hear your opinions on what I have asked.

Point taken, sorry quite new to this ! Facially very attractive, English size 10/12.
In terms of style both very similar in terms of pressure maybe Lolas abit more srnsual from the onset and naked immediately  ? Hopethat helps.

Online Placebo88

Thanks for the additional information , she does seem to tick most of my boxes,and a good attitude is a huge plus.

Offline r1965h

Saw Hannah yesterday and she was excellent as ever.

Have seen Lola a few times and she's also very good.

I probably prefer Hannah as I've been seeing her for about 7 years so have a bit more to chat about. Although that's not why I go to see her.

Both worth seeing.

Agreed ! Both excellent in their own right !!!!

anyone have a link for Hannah, she has been talked about for all the right reasons.....

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many thanks mate...any face pics of her ??

many thanks mate...any face pics of her ??

Don't think she has any online these days, she used to display them on her profile but has since taken them down.

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