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Author Topic: Cherry of Nottingham  (Read 928 times)

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Offline jimbm55


Gave her two tries as she is my type.

First: tunred up and she talked non stop for 45 minutes and when we finally got down to business she did run over a bit but I susspectd that she was a timewaster.  Ran   over a bit but not happily, avoid.

Second time (I said she was my type)

Nice dress and, eventually some nice underwear. Yak yak yak. Decided to force the issue and said "BED"

Some delay and tthen off to bed. No DFK, some minimal OWO, no CIM, tried some positions but she was dodgy and carful about anything.

Like list? A joke! She had no truck with anything. I walked but did pay her as she seemed like a nice kid. I despair of Nottingham.

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1 review(s) found for Cherry Corsano linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline j122

Second time (I said she was my type)

No you said he  :D (before you edited)

Sorry you had a bad time chap

Offline jimbm55

I am allowed to edit. Student but not pro. I have been seeking info for a while. Never again!!
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Thanks for the review.

I've seen Cherry once and I reckon it was about the same time as your first visit. She does like to talk but once we got down to business we overran by as much. It was a good experience overall but only because I didn't have to be anywhere else.

Like you were, I'm tempted to see her again but I'm put off by your review. Could you elaborate a bit on what happened please?


Offline pictisunum

I'm not tempted but it would also be helpful to others to know the intended duration of the booking (to quantify how much of this time she essentially avoided sex). Also did the amount of time you overran by fully compensate for the talk time or were you shortchanged?

Offline jimbm55

2 hours. She yakked fpr 90 minutes. Profile now gone.
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Offline pictisunum

2 hours. She yakked fpr 90 minutes. Profile now gone.

That's ridiculous! Not criticising you but I would've given it 20 minutes max before asserting that the meeting should progress. Her reaction to that would've determined whether or not I stayed.

Something similar happened to me years ago on a 90 minute meet. After about 10 minutes small talk I tried to steer the convetsation to sexual topics, but she deflected. After another 5 - 10 minutes I suggested that we should progress, but again she just kept talking. That was enough for me and I told her I was leaving, my reasons, and that I expected a refund. She gave me the line about paying for time rather than sexual services, and I showed her the texts we had excanged where sexual services had been explicitly agreed. She made a fuss but we ultimately negotiated that I'd pay half her rate for 30 minutes as a courtesy and be refunded the rest.

Never be afraid to walk, and if it's bad the first time it's not going to get better.

..... and if it's bad the first time it's not going to get better.


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