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Author Topic: Audy - Water Street Thai Girls  (Read 1621 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3219206 or https://www.adultwork.com/VIP+Audy

£50 / 15 mins quickie

Comms - I think everyone knows how to approach this group by now, be firm be ready to walk if presented with a B&S.

The girl - Half thai / half Malay... Defo the girl in the pictures, young, pretty, Slim, tight body, firm ass but tits are fake and solid.

The deed - Just wanted some OWO & CIM action, too tired for anything else.  I wanted to see Katie but she was busy, maid suggested Audy who provided a good service too so took a chance.

Got in, impressed with what I saw, confirmed and double confirmed services then handed over the cash which was promptly stashed while i undressed.  Audy came back in, jumped on the bed where I was laying down and took hold of my semi, gave it a little stroke then a wipedown.  Then OWO commenced, really enjoyed it, started slow and sensual then sped up and went quite frantic, lots of spit and took it deep quite a few times, gagged a few times too and made her eyes water. Lots of eye contact and stroking of my legs and balls. After about 6/7 mins she stopped and asked if I wanted a fuck.  I politely declined and asked for some rimming, after a wipe down of the old anus her tongue went in deep and fast, it was very good to be fair.

I then directed her back to my dick for some more OWO, she went at it like a crazy woman, it was great holding her head whist it went back and forth on my dick at a hundred miles an hour.  I told her i was ready to cum so she slowed down sucked me dry. Then she insisted on showing me whilst she played with my cum in her mouth before swallowing the lot... Took me by huge surprise but was a complete turn on to be fair... A final wiped commenced and she had a drink of water.  I declined the opportunity of a shower.....

You may well be wondering why this a negative by now? Well, post cum conversations with her she revealed she is up for anything... ANYTHING... Including bareback!!!! This obviously pissed me off and i angrily asked why she didn't reveal this at the start, her excuse was that I didn't ask and that i didn't want sex!  Still fuming i stomped out of there,  called the maid and gave her a ear bashing.  The maid insisted that she didn't know anything about this.... Who can say for sure if she did or didn't.

Now my dilemma is this slag is offering BB but my tongue or dick went no-where near her potentially diseased little cunt... Do I get checked out?????? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  Apologies for the profanities but I'm sure you all can figure out why.


2 review(s) found for Amazing CINDY Here linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Before anyone thinks there may have been a language barrier and there could be a misunderstanding then I assure you that she speaks english better than 90% of other thai girl I've seen.

Sorry to hear this, i would say best to get checked out, at least you know either way.

Offline sanj07

 I share your concen but if she did not share that convo with you then you would have walked out as a happy man, what is there to say any of the other girls dont or have not ever done BB whether in this country or another it is a risky business and the risks are always there I would say the risk is very small with the oral session you had but the toungue up the anus would be concerning. I would take it easy over next few weeks and stay positive but if you develop cold like symptoms/fever that disappear as fast as they appear (white cell inflation response) then I would defo get a checkup done.
Iv stayed away from this Audy girl im sure there was a review here whilst back where someone suggested that she might be a she boy as extensions had dropped out of her head. There are alot of dodgy looking thai girls lately I bumped into this one last year: www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3060486 nothing like the profileI got the fuck out of there after I was convinced 90% that it was not a women I was dealing with the maids that manage these girls cannot be trusted one bit. Good luck

I did see that review too but her hair seemed to be her own to be honest... The fake tits didn't raise much of a concern for me as quite a few thai girls have implants... Probably should have been more cautious but you live and learn.... Apart from the worrying for the next few weeks my punting has to take a back seat which is really pissing me off... I need to stop thinking with my dick :dash:

thank god I'm single at the moment too!
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Offline sanj07

Nah punting cannot take a back seat second thoughts she had her toungue up your ass therefore the risk lies with her unless she had a bleeding toungue which is highly unlikely as you would have noticed. The owo is standard and risk is probably low as 0.5% as for other stis chlymdia/gonnorhoea are easily treated with short course of antibiotics so dont stress, if all is well in few weeks go back and give her a anal pounding protected  :yahoo:

if all is well in few weeks go back and give her a anal pounding protected  :yahoo:

Sounds like a plan to me!!  :thumbsup:

Don't worry mate. Honestly the risk of you having caught any infection at all is virtually zero. Catching HIV from this meeting is even closer to zero...if not in fact zero. If it puts your mind at ease get checked out but seriously the chances of any problem are almost non existent.

Offline Ming

Sorry to hear of this BBA, not good, see my recent review of Catherine and the clandestine BB antics.

We are all involved in a risky hobby, get checked, then get checked again in 2 weeks, you're almost certainly safe but be sure, I had a recent health scare and am glad I did with the non judgemental GUM staff, thankful I have a clean bill of health and I am sure you will have too.

Ming  :hi:

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