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Author Topic: Sexyblondepaigex - Outcall  (Read 1103 times)

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Offline Spunky34


Posting this on London board as that is where she is based, but this was an outcall to my place a bit over an hour away (the meeting itself was several hours long).

Paige replied to a reverse booking of mine and, having read various threads about both her and about reverse bookings on here, I wasn't too surprised to see her name pop up.  She bid more than I had offered but her bid was also below her normal rate (and included her travel).  The wording on her reply had a copy and paste feel about it so to be honest, I wasn't expecting much in the way of good communication, replies to email etc.  However, I had seen Paige in a Realpunting video a few years ago, and basically, she ticks all my boxes physically, so I thought I would try to see her.

The first surprise was that she was very good about replying to emails while we were making arrangements - there were a few of these because I was not certain that she would be prepared to travel that distance, but there were no problems on that front.  So making arrangements turned out to be easy.

Recently, I have had many people cancel on me either on the day or the day before, so I was really pleased that on the day of the meeting, I got an early text from Paige to confirm she was coming, and we exchanged a couple more messages as she kept me up to date with her progress (she was a few minutes late due to traffic, nothing unusual).

Physically, Paige is what you expect - she's definitely the person in the photographs (although I think her free photos are a few years old, and I would say she is in her early 30s rather than 29), she has a really nice body in my eyes - pretty face, slim, petite body with the right degree of curviness for someone of her size, and a really peachy, squeezable arse.

Personality wise, she's a really friendly, bubbly girl who likes a laugh - she can certainly talk, but when I suggested moving through to the bedroom, there was no messing about or time wasting.  Services wise I think everything on the likes list would be available - I was after a fairly vanilla GFE with OWO both ways and sex in a few positions, all of which was fine.  She was smoothly shaved and tasted nice and fresh, and seemed enthusiastic.  Happily swallowed my first load and took my second over her face and open mouth while she was playing with herself.

I saw some reference in other threads where she is mentioned to fakery and false moans etc - I like a bit of noise as an encouragement, and she was also wet for most of the time, so it didn't feel totally false and put on to me - however, she is clearly an experienced prossie so may just be very good at it.  Whatever the case, I felt fine about this, she didn't coma across as being jaded or going through the motions to me.

So overall, I really enjoyed meeting Paige - yes, she's expensive, yes, she has been doing this for years, and yes, she must be a couple of years older than she states.  But - I had very high expectations for the meeting, based on me having wanted to see her for a while, and based on the fee offered, and she met these expectations, so it's a positive review from me and when I next have the cash for a more expensive punt, I'll definitely have her in mind for a repeat.

4 review(s) found for Bubbly London Babe linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline mrx007

Must say reviews of her show her to be an enthusiastic open-mouth facial taker, which is somewhat elusive it seems. Only thing standing in the way for me is her rate but I'll add her to the H/L.

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