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Author Topic: Adelina - Reading. Dammit, so difficult to give her a positive but yes!  (Read 1209 times)

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Offline thekman100


Some of you know I've seen Adelina multiple times. Sadly she has moved to Reading and the opportunities are far and few between to visit there.

I was in London looking for a good session of OWO with CIM for about £80. Blimey...that was epically difficult to find! £100 for 30 mins for a good lady and often £20 extra for CIM.  I texted Adelina to see if she was near Reading Station and she was in fact 5 mins walk away.

After being blown out of a couple of London Options - Sweet Monique and a couple of others, I decided to jump on a train to Reading as I knew what to expect (or so I thought!).

So, good comms with her throughout, easy to find house. Adelina is now looking exactly like her profile pics as her hair has changed. I thought she was a bit grumpy at first but she soon warmed up and smiled. She was just tired she told me.

Right, services...here is where she almost slipped into another neutral. No more CIM on offer! I've had it before I said but she said she's decided against it as she blames it for being ill recently. ummm...okay. Anyway, this was a CRUSHING disappointment as I really felt in the mood for it but I was there and she was looking cute as a button as usual and I really wanted her.

Decent shower (wanted to make sure I got OWO!) and the room is very good, and bright which I liked, she has nothing to hide after all. Another plus point.

She does tease with her fingers wonderfully, I love it. This coupled with a wonderfully lean body next to you with silk-like skin is lovely. I let her touch me up for a good 5 mins whilst we chatted. She sunk down for OWO, her fingers continuing to tease. Heaven, sheer heaven. I was sooo gutted I couldn't cum as I could feel myself building up. I was wondering if I should explode over her chest with hand relief but as I was fingering her pussy, she was clearly getting wet.

So, on with the mac and missionary which felt awesome as usual, she is so tight. I usually like 2/3 positions and a doggy finish but this time I could feel the volcano brewing so I came long and deep inside her, grabbing her butt with my right hand and her head with my left. Both of us breathing heavily...my...did she enjoy that as much as I did?? who knows!!! lol.

I was SO turned on, instead of flopping over, I moved straight down to RO, I hadn't even taken the condom off. I then licked and fingered her for as long as I could before my tongue and fingers cramped (probably 5 mins but felt like 30! hahaha!). She was very relaxed and some twitching but I officially given up trying to make her cum this way, she admitted she is difficult!

We then cuddled and chatted for a long while. I asked for a time check. 10 mins...ummm I was thinking...could I? I asked to be teased again and I felt a distant stirring. I asked her to switch sides and I cuddled up as close as I could then wanked away.

For a good few mins, I didn't think it was happening, but her face was tantilizingly close to mine, her tits in my face and i just looked up at those lips and she got the message, she very lightly kissed me, hardly FK at all, but that was it, the tide had turned and up came pop number 2. I can't remember the last time I wanked from flacid to cum in such a short time. I can't believe I didn't push my 10 mins to the extreme but she was happy to see I was happy, I feel.

Nice chat to finish and off I went, spent and feeling blissful and glad I made the trip out. Hence, £100 for an hour, 2 pops with a cutey merits a positive in my book...but CLOSE TO NEUTRAL as she needs to take CIM off her profile as false advertising is my bug bear.

For the regulars of the ladies here (and pre Aldershot) please note Vicky has definitely retired for personal reasons. Bang goes my hardcore anal sessions. GUTTED! Not gonna find that for £90 for 30 mins anymore. I asked Adelina to pass on my regards which she did soon after I left. Nice of her to do so and tell me. They're not all insensitive to a bit of friendliness.

Will I return. Yes. But gutted CIM is off the table. But as long as sex with a tight pussy and tight little body is on the cards for 60/100 it is worth a trip to Reading for an expected level of service.
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7 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (5 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Great review K Man
I'm closer to Reading than Aldershot so while I couldn't justify a trek to Aldershot, I can get away with Reading.  CIM isn't currently a show stopper for me so sounds like one right up my street.


Offline bokkie

Looks like she's back in Aldershot.
Happy days

Looks like she's back in Aldershot.
Happy days

Well spotted that man, that's great news! I wonder if it's the same flat?

Just called her, it's a different flat, but she'll be working weekends and will be there for a while.  Happy days indeed!  :D :thumbsup:

Online Cunning Punt

Just called her, it's a different flat, but she'll be working weekends and will be there for a while.  Happy days indeed!  :D :thumbsup:

After I got bait and switch treatment the other day, just be careful, because Vanessa Queen has followed her to Aldershot.

You'll probably be okay and I was just unfortunate but personally, it's once bitten twice shy for me.

If you lot do meet Adelina, please tell her she shouldn't let her (crap) co-workers or maid use her profile when she's away. Grrr :angry:

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