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Author Topic: sally-bath  (Read 789 times)

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just off the shopping centre in moorland road in a built up area of terraced houses.easy to find and quietly slip into as it is in a basement.

The meet
On entry i was led through a hall into a rather messy loung but sally was pleasant and very laid back although she looked alot older than her profile entry of 39.
I was offered a cup of tea and we chatted for quiet a while, in fact i began to get worried that nothing was going to happen.
Eventually we went into the bedroom where i stripped off and led there waiting for Sally to make the next move,things progressed really slow which in hindsight was great because as soon as Sally upped a gear i was like putty in her hands and came very quickly as she wanked me.
We chatted for a few minutes before moving on to more action,again things progressed slowly and i caressed her very ample breasts to try to get turned on again,i need not of worried though as sally went down on me to give me an awesome blowjob which had me again coming very quickly.

Looks 36/100 looked alot older than 39 and no looker
body 44/100 very big breasts a little on the plump side.
skills 95/100 very skilled as good a bj and wank i have had
attitude 77/100 very laid back but pleasant enough
overall 64/100 if you want to see a pleasant ,older woman, who isn't a stick insect but extremely good in bed then sally is for you.   

3 review(s) found for Sally-Bath linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

95/100 that is some damn fine blowjob, sometimes the skills outweigh anything in this game.

Glad you had a good one !

you would do well to get a better one   :thumbsup:

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