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This is my first attempt at a proper review! Having punted for the last 2 years its only recently I have come across UKP so here goes.

This was in a very built up area but both easy to find and easy enough to slip into although you are on a main street.Once inside you feel safe/secure the house is clean tidy and comfortably furnished.

Katte was very friendly from the outset and after a quick peck on the cheek on entry i was led upstairs past a bathroom and into a nicely sized bedroom with a clean looking double bed.
We quickly exchanged paperwork and i was offered a massage but opted against this and asked for some oral.I led back on the bed as Katte went to work on my cock,she seemed very eager to please had a pleasing technique and seemed genuinely disappointed after about 10 mins when i asked her to stop and wank me instead.Her wanking abilities are not nearly so good as her bjobs so we soon switched into sex mode,with firstly a bit of doggy which seemed to turn her on and then Katte moved on top.Katte has large breasts but not obscenely so and her looks are pleasing enough on the eye so the highlight of the meeting was definitely this part with her riding me on top  :D

Looks 65/100 slightly above average without being stunning.
body 70/100 decent boobs although a little big,mainly quite toned but thighs a little large.
skills 63/100 perfectly able but not mind blowing,
attitude 96/100 could have been much nicer
overall 74/100 a very pleasant meeting with a lady eager to please

3 review(s) found for KATTE S linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Andyply

the highlight of the meeting was definitely this part with her riding me on top  :D
Good post and welcome to the Southwest, always good to have another reviewer :thumbsup:  a man after my own heart.   :D 
I've a soft spot for brunette Romanian girls (if the service is good) I like her fuller figure, I bet she gives it beans in the cowgirl position.  :thumbsup:  Love the /100 scoring system whereas I can only count up to 10  :)

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