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Author Topic: CurvyFrenchCharlotte - Earl's court  (Read 1360 times)

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Offline mantis90

https://www.adultwork.com/2534726 or https://www.adultwork.com/CurvyFrenchCharlotte
1hrs @ 130

I am relatively new to punting with this being my third ever punt. First review so be kind as i have finally taken the plunge. I use the AW review system to guide the following text.

I called Charlotte who promptly picked up, upon which we agreed on time and she provided me with a post code. Relatively smooth and very friendly on the phone. When i was nearby, i called her to get the exact address which was a basement flat. It was spacious with a clean enough bathroom but there was a cat litter box in the bathroom which was a little off putting for me but i don't think many will mind. The room where the deed was done was quite spacious with dimmed lighting and some soft background music.

about the girl
She is quite large that is for sure. Not knowing what dress sizes are the closest size comparison i can make is to Adele. She has shoulder length curly blonde hair and her boobs were large and bouncy which is probably the biggest reason for the booking. She was also very tall especially in the heels which she opened the door with. She looked like in her mid thirties.

I was extremely nervous but she put me to ease offering me a drink when i got in. She was quite chatty and had some interesting things to discuss between pops.

See the meeting section below

About the Meeting
Charlotte opened the door in some sort of lingerie robe in black which was semi transparent with a teasing view of her magnificent breasts. She also wore high heels which accentuated her ass as she led me to her room. I completed the transaction and she went to get me a drink of juice whilst i used the bathroom to freshen up.

I returned to her room and began sipping from my glass as we had a short chat. I could not quite hold back as i quickly had my hand on her leg and we were soon upon each other DFKing. This went on for a few minutes as we fumbled around to get undressed. i could not get enough of kissing and fondling her boobs. She soon had my cock in her mouth for OWO and i came quite quickly. She spat it out discreetly in the bathroom and came back. Whilst i recharged, we had a chat before round 2.

Within a few minutes, I was fondling her pussy. I soon went down on her with a couple of fingers in her pussy and my tongue on her clit. I had her really worked up (or at least she made complimenting sounds) and could feel my boner begin to rise so i suggested to switch to 69 and she duly obliged. I was soon rock hard and wanted have sex so on with the mac. She got on her back and began having sex in mish before cumming inside of her. I was completely spent at this point and still had 20 minutes left but doubted i could get anything else out of my penis so took a shower and left.

Pros: friendly and offers a very good vanilla GFE which i am perfectly happy with. I am not sure if she offers something dirtier though but her profile claims she provides a-levels.
Cons: the flipside to those breasts is that she is quite large which could be a turnoff to some.

Good punt, a few negatives if i was to be judgy but other people may have different views.

2 review(s) found for MissFrenchDelight linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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