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Author Topic: AdultWork search broken?  (Read 260 times)

Offline Qwerty

Is anyone else having difficulties with Adultwork Search?

All of my saved searches return errors - they all have proximity set to 25 miles of my rural postcode.

It works when I try a similar search, but clear the proximity tab, and instead enter one of my nearest cities into the location section of the first tab - but that's not as useful to me, I then have to do a separate search for each city or town.

Have been using my saved searches for a long time...  :(
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Online cueball

Glad it's come up on here, it's fucked for me too

Offline Qwerty

OK, AW sent me a message saying

Please try again using the new search facility at the bottom of the following page


...which is where I thought I was, but it does to work now, and even seems faster...

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