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Author Topic: Agnes.Hottie  (Read 531 times)

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Offline jarndyce

Having been alerted to Agnes by director33, and having a bit of a thing for EE girls, I thought I'd try this young Polish lady. And I'm very glad I did, although her profile seems to have disappeared from AW in the last few hours. If and when it's back up, I'll add the relevant link.

I phoned Agnes mid-morning to arrange an early evening booking for the same day, and, after two unanswered calls, I received a text asking me to reply in kind. I'm usually wary of arranging things by SMS (I like to hear a female voice with at least a basic grasp of English before booking) but spurred on by director's positive review, I decided to go ahead anyway. Later the same day I got another text as promised with the address (the flats by Hooters on London Riad) and the code  to enter the apartment complex. It all worked as expected and I was soon knocking on the door. Heart in the mouth as the usual hiding-behind-the-door pantomime played out in front of me, I stepped in and awaited whatever delight/horror was lurking behind 6x3 of plywood front door...

Well, I was more than pleasantly surprised to see that Agnes.Hottie was a hottie indeed! Facially good looking and with a tight little body, she looked just my type. It was straight into the room, pay and undress. Agnes stripped for me, keeping on her knickers for now at my request, and we began some deep kissing on the bed. This was really sexy deep French kissing and with her hot body pressed tightly against me, my cock  was soon hard and pushing flat against her taut belly...soon it would be pushing hard from inside that same space  :D Our snogging continued with plenty of mutual groping until Agbes kissed her way down my body, first to suck and lick my balls and then take me in her mouth for a lovely slippery blow job. It wasn't deep throat but she knew how to suck cock alright. More kissing followed then I knelt up next to her face and pushed myself back into her mouth holding her head to encourage deeper sucking this time. I met no resistance and so, as she continued to suck, I turned my attention to what lay beneath those knickers. Her pussy was nicely wet and I drew some moisture over her clitoris to masturbate her with the fingers of one hand while lightly circling her anus with the middle finger of my other hand. Then, knickers off, it was time for me to give her oral. She's got a petite pussy with delicate lips and I thoroughly enjoyed them before flipping her over to rim her bum. As my tongue probed away at her arsehole, I thought I'd try my luck with some fingering and again she didn't demure when this time  i pushed a finger into her vagina. And my was she tight! It was time for sex. Though before the conform went on there was still time for her to suck my cock some more as she sat on the edge of the bed while I stood in front of her. Rubber on, we fucked missionary and I'm afraid I didn't  last long as that cunt was every bit as warm and tight as it felt around my fingers.

I thanked her, dressed and left.

There was barely a word between us throughout. I tried to chat afterwards as I don't mind a bit of small talk, but she didn't seem too keen to engage and it didn't seem to be down to a language barrier either.  If you require anodyne wittering to really complete the authentic girlfriend experience, then maybe Agnes isn't for you but if you want a sexy young Polish woman to fuck and cater for your sexual pleasure then I'd heartily recommend this hottie  :thumbsup:

2 review(s) found for Agnes.Hottie linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline jarndyce

Afraid so, Raddy, but encouraged by Owhatanight on another thread, I decided to review anyway. Hope it's ok and might be useful if she returns?


Afraid so, Raddy, but encouraged by Owhatanight on another thread, I decided to review anyway. Hope it's ok and might be useful if she returns?
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Offline Owwhatanight

Afraid so, Raddy, but encouraged by Owhatanight on another thread, I decided to review anyway. Hope it's ok and might be useful if she returns?

Every review is useful and glad you put one up Jarndyce.  :hi:

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