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Author Topic: Help with finding Asian in Cambridge area please  (Read 1204 times)

Offline Simplysimon

Fancy trying a Thai/Chinese/ oriental lady again , does anyone have a recommendation in the Cambridge area please (one that you have seen personally) thank you for your help

Offline jakes

There seem to be quite a few again.  Were regular places a while ago, then all dried up as the eastern europeans came in.   There's one on Histon Road, varied girls, pretty enthusiastic generally :-) Not had a bad punt there.  Another on Orchard Road - older woman not sure they change often.

Are there any Thai places you can walk up to. Offering Chinese/ Thai massage, and getting a few extras added on? Plenty around Northampton etc, but Cambridge seems to lack even a legitimate parlour, never mind a happy ending shop.

Offline maquis

jakes, what can you tell me about the lady on Orchard road?

Offline libra1035

I've been to a place in Chesterton a few times. One WG who changes about weekly as far as I can work out (Chinese, Thai, Malaysian). As a result I've had a range of experiences, but generally positive (I like a nice little 20 min massage, touching, BJ and mish to wrap up the week sometimes).

I'd be interested to hear about the Histon and Orchard road alternatives so that I might compare :)

Are you saying there is a walk in place in Chesterton? Not heard of this before?

Offline libra1035

Ah, missed the 'walk up' bit in your previous, sorry. It's quite discrete in a flat and I've always texted beforehand, but get the impression you'd be unlucky to not be able to go straightaway.

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