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Author Topic: TOFTT - lollalou - Yeovil (although technically, it was South Petherton)  (Read 1099 times)

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Offline ratty


Well, it was taking a chance, given that the girl's feedback is hidden, etc. I did decide to TOFTT and risk a punt with this girl (the original plan was to drive to Cleo's or OCH, but other circumstances prevented that option).  Lollalou advertises a massage for £45 on her profile, so I thought I'd try that, at least if I was going to be ripped off, I wasn't going to be ripped off by the full £80 she asks for Full Service.

The previous day I texted an enquiry as to her availabiilty, and I got a reply within ten minutes.  Straight forward communications, one massage booked for 11.00am the next day.  She also added that she is now based in South Petherton and not Yeovil.  OK, I can deal with that, it's only a few miles further for me to drive.
On the morning itself, I texted asking for her address.  She replied could I make it 11.30am instead.  Mmmm, I thought, not a good start, but OK, I hadn't got into my car yet (or indeed, left my home) , so a quick coffee to pass the time was in order.  I texted again for the address, deciding that if the time was moved again I'll forget the punt and put her down as a time waster.  Luckily I was given an address.  Onto Google Map to see where the place is - not a good start, slap bang in the middle of a field/gravel according to the street view, but a little more internet searching revealed that YES the address does exist.  It's a new estate bolted on to the arse end of South Petherton and Google Maps clearly haven't updated their maps or street views yet.  I left, with plenty of time to spare, and after a little searching found her road and parked up around the corner out of sight of her home.  It's a huge new estate and car parking on the road is currently plentiful.

I knocked on the door and it was answered instantly, no leaving me awkwardly hanging outside.  More surprisingly, Lollalou IS the girl in the photograph (albeit without the photo shopped shine on her body), right down to the tattoo you can see poking out of her panties.  She was dressed in a red teddy.  I was led upstairs to her room, I handed over the money and my coat was hung up in plain sight (not that I had left anything in the pockets this time, as this was a risky punt I left all my valuables safely at home - all I had on me was her fee and my car keys).  She asked a few polite questions ("How was my morning?", etc.) and told me to get comfortable when I was ready.  Thankfully, she had no airs and graces, just friendly banter (she works as a stripper in the clubs in Bristol, apparently) and knew she was there as a WG (and not a Courtesan, or Companion, or whatever fancy name you need to give yourself to make the job sound more glamourous).

To be honest, the massage wasn't a massage (I'll go back to OCH in Crewkerne for a proper one) - just a rub down with some body cream (not even baby oil).  However, whatever scent she was wearing smelt nice and once she was naked, I had no problem getting hard.  Then followed a Hand Job (with the body cream and some spitting).  Surprisingly during this, she did left me finger her pussy and, of course, I played with those massive tits (fake or not, they were soft and squeezeable, not hard).  After cumming, it was the usual wet wipes to clean myself down.

In all, I was there for 25 minutes.  As she's relatively local, next time I might try the £80 full service for half an hour.

In this instance, I'd say my first TOFTT paid off relatively well.  Not an excellent punt, but not a complete disaster either.  Of course, who knows if my next TOFTT (if I dare try another) will be as lucky - thems the risks I suppose.

2 review(s) found for lollalou linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline HawkG

"fake or not"

Well, I know which my money is on.

Terrible fakes.  Glad to hear you had a good time though.  But I wouldn't be able to see past that plastic.

Offline ratty

Indeed, I probably thought they were fakes, but they still felt nice  ;) .

Nice one ratty, I was wondering what the hell that other review was about !

Offline ratty

Nice one ratty, I was wondering what the hell that other review was about !

That was a cock-up.  I'd accidentally hit the 'post' button.  Oops.

That's worth knowing Ratty, thanks.

I've seen her profile, but always been a little dubious. Just to ask, but no kissing? That's the only thing I'd love to get with a massage, like at the OHC, it would be the icing on the cake.

Offline ratty

No kissing this time PunterGriffin, I get the impression that the £45 massage option is exactly what I got, a naked body rub and hand job.  Who knows what she offers for the £80 though  :unknown: ?

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