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Author Topic: Apartments/Houses or Hotels  (Read 773 times)

Offline Sonny Crockett

I personally prefer visiting a WGs house or apartment as opposed to a hotel. The most obvious reason is that with apartments/houses you don't need to go through reception, as you would with a hotel. Hotel meets do make me nervous for that reason, especially if I am made to wait 15 to 20 minutes after the scheduled start time for the lady to be ready.

Another reason is that apartments/houses often have a character about them, a character which I feel can add to the atmosphere of the punt and potentially make it a great meet. I also feel that the character of a WGs apartment/house is an extension of the WGs service personality. I generally feel that hotels lack that character, and 9 times out of 10, the rooms are often littered with WGs clutter (clothes all over the place).

There are five things that I think are ideal for a great incall venue (apart from a bed that is); mirrors, loads of room space, music gives a certain atmosphere, multiple rooms, and a decent bathroom/shower.

For me the best incall venues I've ever visited were Bjanee in Bristol and SexyIndependent of London.

Bjanee is based in an abandoned (but well furnished with sofas, a bed and exercise bike, and very spacious) office floor. I always remember the start of the punt where she teased me in the corridor that led to the shower, and gave me a brief blowjob. That set the tone nicely for the rest of the punt, which took place in Bjanee's makeshift bedroom. My only regret of that meet is that I didn't get to make use of the rest of her office (I only saw her for 1hr in April 2015).

SexyIndependent was based in a studio flat in Hammersmith when I saw her in June 2015. There was an open plan living room/kitchen, and down the stairs was her bedroom complete with toys and a bowl of grapes. I loved that venue and did my best to make use of it. We fucked in both the bedroom and then the living room on her sofa, via brief fucking on the stairs. She also had great bathroom facilities.

Honourable mention would go to Ofelia Pounding of Manchester, if only because her dimmly red-lit room was decked in PVC, which a camcorder by the boarded window, a TV play porn clips of her, and loud hardcore drum n bass music playing. This gave a certain atmosphere to the place. It made for a fantastic punt that I had with her in August 2015. The only downside was that there was no bath/shower at her place.

In conclusion, I feel that apartments/house contribute to better punts as they can give a certain feel and inspire me to give a great performance.
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Offline Sonny Crockett

Regarding hotels, I tend to find the atmosphere of a hotel room quite stale. The rooms that I did my hotel punts in were generally small and often messy with the WG's clothes all over the place. I haven't done that many hotel meets in my punting life. I think that overall, from when I started punting in 2009 to now, I have only done 8 punts in hotels.
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Offline Malvolio

I prefer to visit modern flats as those places are anonymous.

One thing I think all bedrooms would benefit from is a large clock in a visible position, so you can actually see for yourself how much time is left whilst in the act.

Definitely hotels for me, for several reasons.

A lot of the houses/apartments I have been to have varying levels of cigarette smells which I not only find off putting but as a non-smoker I would find difficult to explain to anyone if they smelt it on me. At least girls are less likely to smoke in their hotel room.

Some houses/apartments are absolute tips in terms of cleanliness and tidiness. A hotel is likely to have been cleaned that day.

A hotel will normally have decent free car parking. Sometimes it can be difficult to park you car especially if the girl is located in a city centre flat.

Totally agree with everything you have said Sparta Prada.

Given a half busy reception, I don't think they care who walks past

Offline willbred

Generally prefer girl's home - unless it's a tip. I've had great hotel punts, particularly when I know the girl, I have, however, had the feeling that some girls who are touring adopt a "conveyor belt" approach and have felt rushed more often as a percentage of punts in a hotel.

After years of experience, reception no longer fazes me. That said, I am never complacent and being a fan of the Andy McNab books, always do a good recce before my "walk through" !
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Apartments prob best as they are spacious, well laid out, usually always clean and things aren't broken (toilets etc)

I prefer Hotels to houses as safer, and more parking

I really don't like houses because they can be smelly and dirty, sometimes the bathrooms are rank and from a security issue, on the off chance you are attacked/robbed you cant shout fore help, and parking can be really poor.

But all in all - none of the locations would put me off if the girl looks right and the price is right in reality - its just a preference really.

Offline RedKettle

I have done very few punts in a hotel - other than outcalls to a hotel where I am staying.   That said the few I have done have been fine, never had an issue getting past reception.

Houses and apartments are a mixed lot in this game - I do find the really messy and dirty ones off putting and if in a grim area and I am suited then I sometimes worry about myself and my car!!!  However with google it is easy to check area in advance if you have post code, which they do not always give you until just before.

Downside of houses (if they live there) can be pictures of husbands and kids plus all the family crap - I have enough of that at home.

My preference is a good house/apartment where I have been before and therefore feel comfortable - which is one reason I like regulars.

My tuppence:

Homes and apartments are my preferences. It could easily give the illusion of a booty call. Hotels are too professional for me, and l dont enjoy walking through the reception.

Offline rg41

My tuppence:

Homes and apartments are my preferences. It could easily give the illusion of a booty call. Hotels are too professional for me, and l dont enjoy walking through the reception.

Same for me too.

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