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Author Topic: Cindy Glasgow Central  (Read 3333 times)

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Well I thought that I had better get a review on here, as I have been on for a few weeks now, trying to get the general idea.

Anyways, kinda new to the whole scene, but had been for a massage with Cindy a while back, and had enjoyed it. I returned this week for another, to see if it was as good, or if I was just I've excited on my first visit:

No link as couldn't find as, but was on gumtree when I originally found it.

Location: Glasgow City, 2-3 mins from Central
Cost: £40 for hour

So communication prior to meeting was good, directed to appropriate place and buzzed in. Into apartment, modern and clean, so no issues regarding safety, and taken to room. Offered the paperwork, but told to sort after once satisfied with service.

Onto massage table and general massage happening, seems to be ok style wise, but I am no expert, so think this is just general relaxing style, as no specifics on type discussed.

Working body, and upper thighs, then some good attention to balls, cupping and can feel myself getting a bit excited. This continues for a few minutes and then it's time to turn over, bit of upper body massage then down to start on upper thighs and have a little play.

She then drizzles plenty oil downstairs and I just close my eyes again and chill in anticipation.

Strange thing then happened, she was turned down toward my cock with her head, and I'm
not sure what she was doing, wasnt oral, but was a great sensation. She then got the tits out for a bit of a play, while finished me off.

Offered shower, which was accepted, and again nice and clean environment.

Dress and then exchange paperwork and off I go.

Positives: Good value, decent massage and very attentive
Negatives: Older lady, so if not your thing then best to avoid, I lay back and closed my eyes, so it could've been anyone. Imagination is a wonderful thing. Parking is only NCP nearby.

Hope this is ok feedback for you guys

Offline mavgoose

Yeah. Welcome fixtheswing

What's your h.cap. ?

Apologies mate, not fully down with all the lingo.

What do you mean?

Offline mavgoose

I thought your user name indicated you were a golfer. !

Lol, I play a wee bit,  but that's not reason for the username

Offline mavgoose

No problem. Any other reviews. ??

I have one from a good while back, so it sure if it's appropriate to post these if some time ago?

Offline mavgoose

Absolutely. Doesn't matter when. All info is what the forum is about.

Ok, will get around to it later perhaps

Cheers for the review sounds like VFM, what would you estimate her age as and is she alright looking?

Difficult, but I'd say prob late 50's...and passable, but like I said, eyes closed and enjoy the experience.

And defo good value

 Cant imagine getting too excited going to a punt where you have to close your eyes to improve the view.
At least she is charging a rate that reflects her advancing years. 

I'm maybe being a bit dramatic in the eyes closing part, but hopefully you understand where I'm coming from.

Offline tit lover

You said she got her tits out for a little bit of a play during the end of the massage, how would you describe her tits? Is she a busty mature lady?
Also what nationality is Cindy?

Hi mate

Not busty, around average, but not too bad.

And she is Scottish

Offline tit lover

Thanks for the info
At least she has enough size for a good feel
I think I will arrange a meeting soon with her, since she is an older woman I hope she has no problem with younger men.
What is the best way to arrange with her? Book in advance or on the day?

Offline MrFox

Welcome FixTheSwing. I do like a mature lady now and again, facially what would you rate her? Is she slim, or chunky? Tall or short?

I'm guessing she asked for the money after in hope of a tip, did you give one?  :D

Offline tit lover

Does she respond better to calls or text mate?

Best way to book is probably on the day, but I think she can get busy, so best to check before hand.

She is slim and facially so so, but personality is good, And very nice, polite etc which puts me at ease if I'm honest

Offline tit lover

How did you arrange the booking mate? Through phone or text? Is she quite responsive and what does she respond to best?
When you made your first booking what did you ask for? Did you have to request a happy ending or is it to be expected??
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Offline solway

£40 an hour.
Defo a bargain even if u have to shut your eyes. :rose:

Hi I'm sure I did it via call initially, and did ask for ending, just be sure of what I'm getting.

She was ok chatting about it, but a little guarded just to make sure you're legit.

Offline joe 65

saw cindy about 3years ago she was nothing special just a basic rub and tug for £40
per hour  byt her tits are like fried eggs!
it was just on the table massage tug and gone after the paperwork
i would not return and would suggest she is fifty plus!!
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