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Author Topic: DaisyMayxx & Lillie - Aberdeen  (Read 406 times)

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Met with these two crackers whilst they were on tour late last year. Paid £200 for the hour and the location was an apartment Charlotte Street, no problems with the location, the flat was clean and modern.

I'd seen Daisy touring before but never took the punt, but on this day I just fancied a threesome and I'm glad I did it with these two.

Daisy is very slender, tall and good looking, ginger head but none of the temper thankfully. Lille is a bit shorter with a slightly fuller figure but is not fat, just a bit more curvy with long dark hair, both are gorgeous and dirty as fuck. Both were dressed as requested, stockings and suspenders.

Both girls are from the Birmingam area and they tour Aberdeen a couple of times a year it seems.

They are the real deal, they kissed with full on tongues, licked eat others tits and gave each other oral, it was heaven! The two girls are both lovely, so down to earth and not arsey in any way, it was like we were old friends, cliche I know but true.

We fucked all over the bed in every way possible, at one point Lillie wore a strap on and fucked Daisy from behind whilst she sucked me off, the sight of these two getting it on was bliss and this was easily one of the most sexually satisfying experiences of my life. Lille offered to fuck me with the strap on but it looked a bit fucking big for my liking.

They can both suck cock like there is no tomorrow, Daisy especially excels in this area but Lillie isn't far behind, amazing.

The punt ended with them both sucking me off and me wanking into their open mouths, they then kissed each other afterwards, if only I could have filmed this I'd never need Internet filth again, ha.

They said they would tour Aberdeen in the New Year and I'll be making sure I see them both again, and if you have the cash and a spare viagra pill, so should you. Cannot recommend them highly enough.
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