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Author Topic: Carmella Delrose - Bristol  (Read 487 times)

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OK guys, so this was the first one that I've tried out who hasn't been excellently reviewed on here and based on my previous success with the help of this forum, I feel that I need to give a little feedback to avoid anybody else making the same mistake.

Met with Carmella a little while back and was disappointed.  I have given a negative although this could perhaps have been a deutral because despite a poor service during the actual meet, she has a great little body, offers excellent value for a British girl and had good communication in the build up.  That being said, the meeting was nothing like what I have come to expect from my previous (albeit relatively limited) experiences.  Without going into every little detail, I will just highlight some of the bits that frustrated me:

No kissing- she 'allowed' me to kiss her but this was not reciprocated at all.
Made it quite difficult to access her pussy - wouldn't open up her legs
No oral - either way
Tired extremely quickly - made me do pretty much ALL the work
Stayed for 'exactly' 2hrs

Now I feel at this stage, I feel I need to state that I was freshly showered, brushed teeth, shaved etc and that I am not a monster.  I wasn't rude or confrontational just incredibly frustrated by the end.  Came very close to asking to cancel half way through and probably would of had I had more balls...

TLDR: Not the GFE she claims, avoid.

2 review(s) found for Carmella Delrose linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Shame............how the hell did you manage 2 hours though, lesson learnt, book the half hour and if it goes well pay for more. Two hours of no kissing, trouble opening her legs, no oral either way............what the hell did you do in that time ?

When you put it that way it sounds a bit pathetic to be honest.  Probably should have just cut my losses and asked her to leave and had I been a bit more experienced with the whole punting thing probably would have.  At least with this my hope is that I can spare anybody else a similar experience.

Offline Roth

Sounds like she's happy to take the cash but doesn't like Prossying.  :manhater: :manhater:

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