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Author Topic: Lisa (Chinese Estabishment called Sakura) - Bristol  (Read 853 times)

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This took place in mid December 15. I  hadnt visited an oriental WG for a few weeks. There is limited choices in Bristol and I decided last minute in the morning that I would take a chance and go to a new place early afternoon.   I pretty much knew in advance that Sakura as advertised on AW was not going to be the girl I would see, as that's the way things work in these places in Bristol.

Comms were as follows:  Rang at 10:00 asking if she was available at 13:00. The woman on the end of the phone spoke good English and said yes. As I found out later she was the "secretary" so to speak. I was texted the details of the girl and the general vicinity, where I could park and ring 15 minutes before the appointment to confirm.

The actual entrance to the place is at the back of some shops on Fishponds Road, not far from the mini shopping centre. I used the shopping car park, so you will always find places. I rang as required and said could I come over even though I was early. She said yes and it was at that point I was given the specific address and entry into. I should say that during the day finding my way to the back of the shops and the flat was easy. On a night time I'm not sure if there is any lighting so you might need to use a torch or your phone.

On arrival I was met with what I always describe as an old battleaxe. I wasn't worried like I used to be when I first started that this was going to be my WG as I would definitely have walked. I was led through the downstairs which was a bit untidy and told to leave my shoes at the bottom of the stairs which I did.

Once upstairs the door was opened by a Chinese woman dressed in a robe. I asked her name and she said it was Lisa. She was about 5ft 4" and a reasonably pretty face. Given a hug and "Hello Darling". I knew almost instantly that there would be no kissing ( I did try nuzzling towards her mouth, but she politely moved her face away)  £90 handed over and she disappeared and came back dressed in skimpy bra and knickers. She was about a size 12, had a slight podge, B size tits which had a slight sag to them. She had a very large dragon tattoo on her stomach. Overall, the appearance and demeanour of a girl who had been on the game for a long time. I estimate her age as mid to late 30s. She took the underwear off immediately.

She  pointed to the bed and to lay on my back. I was given a few minutes of light massage and then told to turn over. She then did light massage, followed by kissing my torso and kissing and tweaking of my nipples (the latter doesn't do anything for me).

After a while, I suggested that we swap. This enabled me to get a better view of her. I should add at thus point that the room was fairly dark what with the curtains drawn and a dim bedside lamp on. The bedroom was reasonably clean, tidy and was warm.

During this part I noticed that rather unusually for a Chinese girl she had a shaved pussy. It was all very neat and I took great delight in licking and sucking on it. She tasted nice.  As usual there was lots of moans and "very lovely darling". To be honest it was like a broken record all the way through the meet.

I then suggested fucking. On with the condom, we did slow mish for a few minutes followed by more hard action. She started to squelch. I'm not sure whether I find this exciting or off putting. We then swapped to doggie and I gave her a good pounding accompanied by her insessesent " very nice darling". I didn't want to pop too soon so suggested we have a couple of minutes rest. We led next to each other. I asked her a few questions, but it was hard work so gave up in the end. Looking up at the clock on the wall, I saw I had another 30 minutes left.

I suggested that she give me a bj. She wiped me down with a couple of wet wipes. She then did a few minutes of kissing, lick and sucking my balls. Then she put the mac on and did some nice bj action. I think after about 5 minutes she expected me to have shot my load, as she then looked up and asked if I liked it. I said yes, and suggested a bit harder and use her hands. She must have misunderstood, and asked " You want finger up ass?". It came a bit of a surprise, but thought what the hell as I've never had that done before. She put another condom over her finger and lubed it and gently inserted it up my ass. She then slid it in and out while sucking and wanking me off. She added a second finger.  It was a fantastic first time experience for me and after a couple more minutes  I had a massive shakey explosion.

I was cleaned up and asked if I wanted more massage as I still had 15 minutes. I declined, as I'd unloaded and had some Christmas shopping to do!

Overall, a good experience made by me having had the finger treatment for the first time. I think it something I might ask for again with other girls.

Reasonably fair  value at £90 for 60 mins.
I might have given it 7 out of 10 if there had been kissing of any sort.

Looks 6.5 /10
Body 6/10
Service 7/10
Overall 6/10

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1 review(s) found for SAKURA=4U linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Andyply

She started to squelch.
She must have misunderstood, and asked " You want finger up ass?". It came a bit of a surprise
:D good review, made me laugh, was always a fan of Asian ladies, even the squelchers.
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