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    Author Topic: Babe Hot Sandy - Finchley  (Read 824 times)

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    Offline lcb

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    80 an hour


    Arranged via text day before punt. Seemed OK to reply quickly. Booked for morning appointment. Arrived at location called she sent a further text with flat details. Anyway the details were not correct I asked her when I eventually got in then she started with she didn't understand. Not a good start


    OW, Protected sex mish and doggy, prone bone, hj

    I usually enjoy owo but she said everything she does is protected so there's first negative. She's the girl in pics but no longer a size 6 more like double then size now 12 second negative. Lastly attitude was terrible she didn't want to move. When I couldn't cum I asked for hj to finish after 2 mins she was like you do it. No way as I was paying her!

    Also cheapest condoms she could find some thick bright red ones

    Some girls just aren't made for it and this girl is one of them


    No OWO
    Doubled in size
    Crap attitude
    Single bed in a tiny room

    The whole punt just felt awkward


    She took a pounding for 40 mins

    Offline chodu1


    She took a pounding for 40 mins

    Brilliant! ROFL!

    All the ones I've had the misfortune to see recently, would have been moaning to hurry up, 10 mins into a 1hr meet.

    Buddy I punted her the day that you posted your review (see my review) and had a similar experience.  She's not built for punting and being a lazy bitch she is probably good for not much at all, not even cleaning.

    Dammit - have been messaging her today and eventually got nowhere despite her requesting I make a booking. Suspected a scammer but should have come here first! Thanks for the review. Real shame as she looks gorgeous in the pics. Don't they all...

    Offline LL

    Thanks for the review. I had her hot listed and almost booked her last week. She has very good pictures but interesting to find out they are no longer representative.

    Offline Stortford

    I was going to book her this week she looked cute tits looked tiny was the only thing but after your review i will book someone  else :drinks:

    Offline soadkalu

    Pictures are old. Her hair is longer and some pound extra.
    Crap atitudine. Her english not so good.
    The place is close to North Finchley Sainsbury. A tiny crap room.
    Waste of money.

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