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Author Topic: Ruby.91 Earl's Court/London  (Read 401 times)

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Offline fabfab

I did some search here and couldn't find anything, no review on aw... it was not looking so great... i could feel a lot of photoshop in the picture... but well i  did like her look. So i thought i'm gonna try it out.
It was a disaster, Ruby work in a flat near earl's court , basement flat , nice one , nice bathroom ... she was the girl in the picture... same tatoo good looking but not as good as the pict some scars from cesarean i believe, tiny boobs , nice little ass . I had a shower then she started to kind of massage me with her body, very quickly after no more than 2mn, she grabbed a condom (a fucking green condom  :vomit:), i was even not in  full erection , i wanked a bit myself to get hard and she straight jumped on me to ride just the tip of my dick, it was quite frustrating, after 5mn she stopped and told me: "your turn" we went mish but was constantly pushing me away, quite frustrating again... , and complained about the size of my dick and the shape of my dick witch is a bit bend... it was quite awkward and insulting. We went doggy and she was quite complaining and kind of unfriendly grumpy, pushing me away, saying shit in Hungarian or whatever langage ... i decided to finish quickly, just wanted to leave as quick as possible, then she proposed a massage, i accepted she was actually not bad at it ... i think i left after 40mn, i won't go back, probably my worst punt.  I saw maybe around 15 girl on aw, and that was the worst experience i ever had. :thumbsdown:
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3 review(s) found for Ruby.91 linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

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