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Author Topic: Chantelle Fox  (Read 1142 times)

Offline PGTour

See her AW profile is down, anybody know if she is still around ??

Offline Apu

She comes and goes. Last time I saw her (2014) she said she had a career outside of porn lined up, maybe she's found a new job , she did sound like she was a few years away from packing it in.

If she returns I'll do a review I guess, I'd love to see her again.


Think she's stopped escorting for a while, concentrating on Babestation etc and shooting porn. She was asking this week on Twitter about the best sites to cam on so looks like she's doing that as well.

Without going into much detail about her private life, (only what she herself put out there), she is at Uni too so looks like she's concentrating on that. Shame!  :(

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