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Author Topic: teen_Suzi - Oxford  (Read 651 times)

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Offline edc770

After being unable to contact intended plan A, a search of other options revealed teen_Suzi whom I had not noticed previously. Visually stunning in her profile pic she quickly elevated to plan B and a meeting was arranged, £110 for the hour. Communications were by text rather than AW email and reasonably efficient. Venue was a modern flat near Magdalen Bridge, easy to find and get in, although too warm inside. Shower available.

Suzi is a slim to average 19 year old Polish girl with a pretty, fresh face and a slightly quiet demeanour. The most accurate pic is the one in her gallery sitting on a black sofa with blue/pink painted finger nails.

Service itself was OK with good and bad points. We got naked quickly and down to business with some kissing. She doesn't really FK. She also doesn't do OWO or like her tits touched. She does however do pretty good covered oral and also likes to receive (as long as you don't use fingers or slobber), and makes all the right noises.

On to full sex and a great few minutes in cowgirl with all the right noises continuing, then into mish which was pretty good, then some doggy which is her favourite, not mine, but which I fancied for a view of that fine arse. It all seemed to go a little pearshaped, if you'll pardon the pun, from here with the sex stopping and being replaced by a period of spit lubricated HJ. This was only about half an hour in, but HJ takes a long time to bring me off so lasted 10 minutes and initially felt good. Eventually it became a little painful and with no chance for further shagging, BJ or RO, I finished by wanking on her tits.

I'd probably not return - £110 is over the odds for a short 'hour' of vanilla service. She's have got a positive if I'd paid £70 for 30 minutes and  pretty much the same experience without the prolonged HJ. She's nice enough, moderately enthusiastic and certainly not a crook or moody. I think she prefers evening punts, and perhaps being so young would prefer to see a toned, waxed and younger Adonis. I myself will use this experience to make my default punt a half hour apart from very special exceptions, with girls who are more worldly wise.


2 review(s) found for Cute Meggie linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Great first review and very timely as I'd been considering seeing her while she was in Oxford.  :hi:

I'd already suspected that FK and OWO were not on the menu and wouldn't do an hour punt at £110, but, as you say, £70 at half an hour is worth considering.

Offline edc770

Thanks CP, I've been using this site for a few months now and all advice has been extremely valuable, including a few that you've rated before. Hopefully will get a chance to post some more reviews before too long  :D, most likely in the West Midlands section   

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