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Author Topic: Massage come hand job Glasgow  (Read 1043 times)

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Because her profile disappeared I didn't review this hand maiden but thought she might ring a bell with some and I have fuck all else better to do today. Lauren 21 I think she went by and I saw her in Sept '14 in a flat in Shawlands just past the Shed heading to battlefield on the right....the newer flats not a tenement if that helps anyone remember her or the knocking shop. £20 for 15mins including HE which suits cheap bastards such as myself. I was fully prepared to walk though as I had low expectations given the price. To my utter surprise a nice looking girl opened the door and leads me to a clean tidy room. She had a nice Glasgow accent and didn't give off that "my life is fucked up in some way which is why I am doing this shit vibe" which is such a turn off.... now i'm bolllock she is down to bra and pants...excellent body (hers) she straddles me so I now have her arse in my face which as any sane man would I start to fondle having held off for 2 seconds as her profile states no touching, but then she said she was fine with it but I would suggest fisting is out of the question. Hand technique was very basic. I mean she was doing it by numbers something like hand=cock girth x 5mins/100 pumps=jizz. Okay Stephen Hawkings might have something to say about that equation but what I am trying to say is she didn't seem capable of elevating it to more sensual experience so I stepped in for a bit  with her unfairly taking the  credit for finishing me at the end. Punt ran way over time and we discussed some possibilities for the next one but no HE to this story as she seems long gone.
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A young looker with a good body who gets guys off for 20 quid... and you wait a year and a half to share the wealth? ?  :lol:

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