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Author Topic: Edith of Loyalty Escorts near Paddington.  (Read 464 times)

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Profile Link - http://loyaltyescorts.com/escort/london-escort-edith/

Half hour £100

So I've been doing my own thing and have not been seeing many new girls as I don't see escorts very often. Lately I like sticking with my regular as she always goes above and beyond my expectations and I always go away feeling pleased. As it stands it is not to difficult to please me so long as you are honest about what you do and who you are which brings me to my first review in 7 Months.

The Girl - I booked Edith because she is a pretty red head and I'm a sucker for a red head (not to be mistaken for Ginger). Well bit of a problem, whilst Edith is a pretty girl she is not Redheaded and this was the main selling point to me so she needs to update her profile with more closer to date pictures. She is currently sporting Blonde hair at mid length, very slim nice figure and actually not to bad but she is still not the girl I wanted to book or well, the idea of anyway. 

Comms - The girl who handles it all for Loyalty is actually quite nice, sounds British and she seemed very professional so I may use these again but try a different girl, we shall see. Anyway, sent a text is Edith available on X day, it took a bout an hour to get a reply as she had to check with Edith if she is available and then relay to me the day I asked for to me and whether she was available. She was so it was a quite straight forward and comms were good, I was sent the info of the venue on spot after booking. Easy and professional.

Venue - Place was ok, the outside it looks amazing as it's all old up market houses in a nice part of Royal Oak Paddington way. Inside it was a one bedroom flat, the Bathroom was small and didn't have a towel on the floor which is the tiled type so slippy when wet, guess which place in the flat is usually wet? No the answer isn't her vag.........Yes it's the floor and I almost slipped over, not covering the basics. The place wasn't messy it could have been worse it could have been Katalina's (see my review on that, place was like a hoarders dream) but kinda felt like a cheap apartment you get when you go to Tenerife and decide a 3 star hotel will do. It was ok to do what you wanna do but a towel on the floor in the bathroom would help.

The meeting - Well this is it, so Edith open the door and the lack of red hair was an instant let down but I got on with it because she was decent looking and reminded me of a girl I had a thing for in college who was very pretty. She is Romanian and could easily brush up on her English skills as well, conversation was very blunt and limited, usually I try to strike up a bit of a conversation to put them at ease, she was just.....Off, not a bit of emotion or anything really.

Had my shower then got on with it, started with some OWO.....Oh wait nope, I take my boxers off and she gets a condom out, I ask do you do OWO and she says no (it's listed on her profile and still is as of this post) and starts lecturing me about sexual health. Fine, one thing I don't mind is so long as you do everything you say you do on your enjoy/likes lists, then I am happy, that is the unspoken contract we sign up off. I'm not hard to please but either do it or take it off your list. Anyway everything else wasn't bad, few different positions but she had a bit of cold mood going on so I decided to finish with a covered blowjob then headed out.

Tried to attempt some converdsation whilst I got dressed to salvage something and nope, just one worded or bland responses, thinking about it she didn't even smile once the entire time I was there. It's not hard to impress me, do what you offer with some enthusiasm, look like your pictures and smile a little bit and I'm happy she did none of these so it's a negative.

Hope you all had a good new year and shit



Edith is also listed here (probably affiliated with Loyalty)


Better luck next time.

I saw her on another one as well but I can't remember which, I've went through so many agency sites to pick a girl you end up seeing the same ones again and again.

Offline Nagilum

Another Romanian providing a crap service. Thank you for the review, sorry about the rubbish punt. 

Edith is also listed here (probably affiliated with Loyalty)


Better luck next time.

For completeness, updating other agency links based upon what Julius has described in his review (location) and original
link (probably listed on other sites hence not an exhaustive list). She's listed as Hungarian on some of these sites, but
certain (almost) it's the SAME EDITH OP met with.


It is her, when asking her stuff like where shes from she said Romanian and shes been here a few years.

Online tigerfeet

I was lucky enough to see this girl when she first got here nearly two years ago. She was young and incredibly cute then and i thought she was a natural redhead (if with a little enhancement). The second time I saw her she was quite enhusiastic and I felt a bit of a connection especially when I left and we hugged and kissed for a time. Unfortunately i couldn't manage a repeat visit for some time due to finances and have regretted not returning. I wouldnt go now though after two years she'll be jaded beyond recognition. Agency girls are only worth visiting within the first six months really.

I posted a negative review in 2015 re this escort and this review confirms that she is an unpleasant and basically shite provider. AVOID.

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