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Author Topic: Frannkie_27 - Cambridge  (Read 940 times)

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Offline Rock123

I saw Frankie today in Cambridge.

https://www.adultwork.com/2334313 or https://www.adultwork.com/frankie%5F27

She just started her tour of Cambridge today. Even though she is on the expensive side at £200 p/h I thought as it was NYE and I fancied a punt and saw the reviews on here I thought I'd see for myself on whether she was worth it.

Communications was very good I called her midday to ask her for an appointment and then she texted me the hotel she was staying at (in Histon). As I was coming to the hotel I called her to let her know I was here and a few minutes later she texted me the room number. So it was easy.

I would say the description of her (in her other review here) is pretty much spot on. Although there is no saggy tits so I don't get that nor was she size 10 at all!! So either that was a mistake or she has lot weight since then.

Anyway she asked me to take a shower in a polite manner and I had no qualms with this as I needed one! So once refreshed we went on the bed and started with some kissing (no tongue) but the kissing was nice. Then a bit of OWO. The OWO is very good. Not great but I've had a lot worse before. I'd say OWO was 7/10.

Afterwards we did a couple of positions:- missionary, cowboy, reverse cowboy finishing with a 69. She finished me off with some oral and was told to cum on her massive tits which I duly obliged!

We then finished with some conversation for 4-5 minutes which for me was nice. Frankie did not clock watch and the hour session last just that 1 hour. Of course taking away the shower and the 4-5 minutes of talk then we had 50 minutes of action - but I dare anyone to go non stop for an hour! Ok for £200 that might sound a bit more steep than if the punt was for £100, but still on NYE it was either her or romanians in Cambridge.

Would I see her again? Yes I would I enjoyed her company, she has a great body and provides a very good service.  £200 is a bit steep however I have no complaints.

Any questions let me know.


2 review(s) found for frankie_27 linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline dan10928

shes back in cambridge and thinking whether to give her a punt or not.

i know this is subjective but was she facially attractive?

any other negatives apart from price and lack of dfk?

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