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Author Topic: Marsha-Aberdeen  (Read 727 times)

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Offline Cd06

Good evening,


Bare with me as this is my first review. Recently discovered the site and found it useful so thought I would start contributing. Experienced punter, had my share of good and bad.

Anyway, just out from a half hour punt with Marsha, seen this ladies profile knocking about a few times and thought I would give her a try. She's Hungarian but don't let that put you off.
Initial comms were ok, her profile states to call which I did, however the wind and traffic around Union Square made phone conversation difficult so told her I would text. She was fairly blunt, however did say upon meeting that she despises texting and prefers the personal touch of a call. All my queries answered though.
Nice discreet ground floor apartment, welcomed well however again she was blunt in telling me to take off my shoes straight away. Offered shower which I took.
No face pic in photos, however body shots are accurate, facially not a stunner but nice smile and decent tits. She also began to get very friendly and personal.
Short likes list but accurate and all covered. Very good owo, fk, oral on her and finished with her on top.
No rush to leave, lay on bed with her chatting and stroking me before I got dressed and said my goodbyes.

All in all, great punt in a dire city for it. Very friendly once you get in there and chatting away, very personal experience.

Comms: 7
Looks: 7
Accuracy of Pics: 9
Services: 9

Let me know if I've missed any key info out

3 review(s) found for xxxMarshaxxx linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

She used to be a porn star, google Marsha Lord, you'll see her there!

Sadly she claims to only do basic stuff now, nothing hardcore like poop stuffing.

Offline mavgoose

How do we know that's her in that video. (?)

Offline Abzfun1

It's definitely her in the video 'Stella Red' is her stage name.

Her body is better now and I can't remember if the gap in her front teeth has been fixed.

100% worth a punt if you ask me.

Offline Cd06

Sadly her profile only states basic stuff and she does stress there is no pse. Definitely worth a punt though gents

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