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Author Topic: Sarah Mary - Portsmouth  (Read 921 times)

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Offline tikika


Back in August I was in the area with my brother and we wanted to try a MMF and being a Sunday as well options were limited, but sarah looked like she would be a good option, so.....

Initially phoned and spoke about services, said about the need for a MMF and she said she was happy with this.  After call finished arranging details by text, obtaining street and setting a time.  Arrived in Portsmouth at the time, texted to get actual house number and was asked to wait 15 mins and come back, so went for a walk in local area and came back 15 mins later and got house number and went in.
Comms was good for the meeting.

Local area seemed quite shit and rough, the street was a row with either side having small terraced houses.  Actual house was tidy but sparse, few items in the actual rooms so don't think they were there for a long period.

The Girl
This is when I should of walked, was invited in and said about MMF action and she said no, she had friends there though and me and my brother could have one each @ £100 each for an hour, as we had travelled a distance and were horny we went ahead with it.

So all the girls were lined up and I didn't think any of them looked like the girl in the pictures, even if the pictures had been photo shopped, so in the end I just picked the one with the biggest tits.  Went up to the room with her and got undressed, she was somewhat chunky and not very attractive, but massive tits were nice though.  She did however have massive pointy nipples which were off putting.

Tried to talk but intimated didn't speak English.  No kissing so thought I'd just get down to it and laid on the bed so she could give me a blow job but she started to put a condom on.   I asked for owo and suddenly she said £20 extra, which was good as she didn't speak English earlier, I didn't want to pay out any more so went with ow, the actual blowjob wasn't too bad. 

Then had sex in doggy and misch, I really wasn't into it at this stage so didn't last long, pulled out took condom off and unloaded on her belly, she looked pissed off at this but didn't say anything.  Had plenty of time left so she gave me a lousy massage and then we just laid on the bed for a period of time, during which she started to play with and stroke my chest hair, which was actually a very nice feeling.

All the way through booking seemed unenthusiastic and just going through the motions.

Would I go back
No would certainly not, I should of walked at the very beginning.  :thumbsdown:

14 review(s) found for Sarah Mary linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 4 negative)

Offline Fagin Again

Most interesting.

However, there's one thing I'm not quite clear about.

Was Sarah Mary herself one of the girls who was available when Tikika arrived at the house...?  Or was she conspicuous by her absence...?

I've contemplated taking up 30 minutes of Sarah Mary's time myself, not least because she has by a wide margin the best feedback score (64, with no negatives) of any Romanian profile I've ever seen on AW.  She also has seven positive reviews – though also one negative review – here on UKP.

If Vlad the Impaler is using even this excellent profile to suck in punters who end up being offered a different girl, he is (once again) not being quite as clever a businessman as he believes himself to be.

Perhaps the genuine Sarah Mary went back to Transylvania for Christmas, and will be back soon?

If so, her profile has been "corrupted" in her absence.  She wouldn't be pleased if she knew.

However none of the above applies if Sarah Mary was one of the girls in the room when Tikika turned up at the small terraced house in a narrow street in a rough part of Portsmouth.
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Offline tikika

To me, none of the girls looked like the one in the pictures on the aw profile, even allowing for the possibility of the pictures maybe having been touched up.

I went there to see the girl in the pictures, not having too work out if she was one of the row of girls in front of me. 

And I also went there for a MMF, which she said was ok over the phone but not when I got there.  Plus the business of not speaking English until saying it was £20 extra for owo just annoyed me.  Even if I had met the girl in the pictures these two factors would have made it a negative from me.

Offline Fagin Again

Thank you for that.

I find it amazing that Vlad the Impaler is misusing a profile that (to judge from previous feedback) seemed – until recently – to relate to one genuine girl, who was apparently about the best Romanian escort on Adult Work.
I dare say that the real Sarah Mary is now safely back in Transylvania, either for the Christmas period or for ever...

Time to call in Trading Standards...?

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Offline Fagin Again

Well, Sarah Mary's back in town.  Whether it's the girl in the pics or not...

And there's an interesting feedback exchange from this evening.

At 5.14 pm today, flowserve left some “feedback only” type feedback for Sarah Mary, consisting of the one word “completed”.

At 6.03 Sarah Mary left positive feedback for flowserve as follows: “lovely like always......hmmmmm perfect sesion with a perfect gent xx”.

Sarah Mary and flowserve seem to have somewhat different views about the success (or otherwise) of their encounter…
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