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Author Topic: Juicycherie Nothampton Tour  (Read 263 times)

6 review(s) for  miss cherie belle (2 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

 https://www.adultwork.com/2123428 or https://www.adultwork.com/juicycherie

Ok so first review. First off tbh I should make clear that Cherie was a Plan B, as Plan A was unavailable.

So comms were fine, spoke to her on the phone and booked an hours appointment for £130, then she txt me the street where her serviced apartment was, parking no problem
All good until she rang me in to guide me to the right apartment block, and confused me with the pizza delivery lad going next door.
Who the fuck takes a pizza to a podging session :dash:

Anyway she did the usual hiding behind the door thing, but when it close, HolyFuck, she was stunning!,  exactly if not better than her photos, dressed white blouse, black pencil skirt, killer heels. Sexy as hell and she knows it, I was well up for this
Quick peck on the cheek and guided into the bedroom, bit of a natter as we sort out the money etc

So to get started, at my suggestion she put some music on and I sat on the edge of the bed while she performed a slow teasing striptease, she's got a cracking body this girl, and i'm not going to lie i was ragging bloody hard at this point, once the knickers were off she climbs onto the bed and encourages me to join her, I was undressed in two seconds flat!

Now for me this is where the  meet starts going really downhill, rubbers me up and precedes to perform  the laziest BJ i've ever had for all of ten seconds , before asking what position i'd like to start with.
Sorry Cherie but putting the tip of my cock in your mouth a couple of times does not a blow job make.
I suggest cowgirl and she climbs on top and eases me slowly in to her, a bit of fake moaning, as we start of slow, shes got a nice tight pussy, but the rythem is too slow for me and any attempt to increase it with my hands on her buttocks is thwarted, i'm not going to finish like that so we roll over into mish, better pace now and its not long before the inevitable happens
I lie back on the bed and she passes me a few wet wipes and disappear's off into the bathroom for a mo.
Was in two minds whether to call it a day at this point, fit as fuck but she just didn't really seem that interested.
Back in the room she lies down next to me and we make a bit of small talk as she strokes me back to life, any attempt to kiss her is met with a headturn, so i thought i'd get my mouth around those lovely nipples for a few minutes.
Nope no response from her there either, to be fair though i was getting reasonably hard again though so i suggested round 2
Layed back while she rubbered me up then start with cowgirl, again the same slow rythem and i was starting to lose it, so suggested doggie, I guided her to the edge of the bed so i could stand up as i took her from behind, Cherie has a great pair of buttocks and watching them wobble beneath me as i went at it, was heaven, but she just seemed as unresponsive as ever, went at it like that for a few minutes before she suggested mish again, tried that but to be honest i was getting a bit bored, i know balls deep in a stunning girl and i was getting bored but apart from actually fucking there was absolutely no other interaction between us if you know what i mean.
I realized the second pop wasn't going to happen for me at this point and gave up, now to be fair i think at this point she probably realized i was getting a bit fed up, pulled the rubber off and started to give a hand job, after some oil and instruction on pace eventually managed to release load number two, before she dissapeared off to the bathroom and left me to clean myself up

So in summary
Stunning girl
Boring service
Shame really

Oh well here's looking forward to better punts in 2016


6 review(s) found for  miss cherie belle linked to in above post (2 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

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