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Author Topic: Miss Davina Milf  (Read 1487 times)

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Met Davina in a beautiful apartment in Nottingham city centre. Was extremely clean and easy to find and the parking was great! The entrance to the apartment block was just a normal entrance to a normal set of apartments.. Nothing out of the ordinary and very discrete... Davina was there to greet me with her beautiful gleaming pearly white smile that you could probably see from space. Not forgetting them sexy looks and that unbelievable hour glass figure as well as being dressed as a sexy secretary for me!

Davina Really looked altho she enjoyed the 3 hour booking. She was dressed to impress and she done just that. She’s the full package!
I was offered a shower before the booking which i turned down as i was freshly showered upon arrival and offered again after the booking which i gladly accepted as she wore me out…  I was sweating from head to toe!

The 3 hour booking was filled with such passionate wild filth! I will let you lot into the 1st rounds events… but after that your going to have to imagine what we got up to next  ;) :P ;)

Well i was greeted at the door by Davina's Massive smile looking sexy as F*ck.
Got the paper work out of the way and was ushered straight to the bedroom! (My kind of woman!) Got told to strip and lie on my back which i gladly did! Davina then gave me a great teasing back massage whilst we talked about our day to day lives and whats about to happen in these next 3 hours! Davina was going down to my arse and stroking my balls from behind... At this point i was rock hard… I turned over no messing around from Davina she got straight on my cock wanking it with long deep strokes whilst reaching over to grab a condom and ripping the condom packet off with her teeth which was so sexy! Straight on with the condom…. and Davina gives the best oral I’ve ever had in my life and it's with a condom on! Davina's deep throat skills are magical the way my cock disappeared in her mouth and down her throat whilst she touched and caressed my balls i was in heaven! Then Davina slid off her knickers and got back on to the bed whilst still being dressed as a sexy secretary and sat right on top of my cock! I ripped open her shirt and got her tits out of her bra and started touching them whilst she bounced all over me whilst playing with my nipples! She really looked like she was enjoying it… thats what was getting me turned on even more! Touching her big tits seeing that dirty look on her face WOW! I then put Davina in mish and started going at her as hard as i could she was making all the right noises and doing all the right things squeezing my arse cheeks she was even spanking me which i fucking love! She was getting me so turned on! I then had to bend her over… That arse has to be the best arse in the UK it was that fucking fantastic i went down to rim her out whilst she played with her self what a foxy milf! I was in my element! I then stuck it in and went at that arse like a steam train! Spanking it and groping that big sexy arse whilst reaching over and playing with her tits… Davina then reached back and started playing with my balls as i was fucking her doggy this was where i just thought wow!
She has a technique of playing with my balls which is such a turn on she got my balls in the palm of her hand and was rubbing them in a circular motion which felt unbelievable whilst i was fucking her i then couldn’t last any longer and cum inside the condom. That was just the first round lads… we had a 2nd…3rd…4th and a 5th and she still wanted more i just couldn’t keep up! haha! She really looked like she enjoyed it and she is such a down to earth lovely woman chatting in-between rounds she is no clock watcher and we ran over time by some time and Davina still didn’t rush me out and gave me plenty of time to get a shower and on my way!
Great Xmas treat for myself... i will be back hopefully before new year for some more fun  :wackogirl: :wackogirl:!
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2 review(s) found for Miss Davina Milf linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Owwhatanight

Merry Xmas GeordieJay.   :drinks:

Like the ball bag technique

Offline GolfNut

Nice review Geordie Jay. Glad you enjoyed her. She's definitely what you are looking for.

Her services are genuinely too limited for myself, and there are far too many better alternatives in this area.

Merry Christmas


Banning reason: Undesirable

Offline redt4

Looking at her pics im inclined to agree with you about her ass, looks amazing...

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