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Author Topic: Relaxing Chinese Full Body Massage Leicester - 1 Hour 60 pounds  (Read 3805 times)

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Offline heisenberg.


Went to this place about 2 weeks ago. I fancied a massage this time with the added hope of hand relief afterwards.

Called the number up, asked if anyone was available, she said yes. Asked if there was a young girl available for 1 hour massage, she said yes.

Obviously by now I take whatever the mistress or whoever is on the end of the phone with a pinch of salt. Never believe what they say. I arrived at the location. If you click on 'map' on the gumtree link you can see precisely where I headed to. Walked in through the front door after I parked round the back (Kate St.) and I was greeted by a woman probably in her 40's. Told her I was the guy on the phone as she led me into a room down the corridor.

I'd say the girl was ok looking, nice body and tits but having said she was young on the phone this was a blatant lie. I fancied a massage and heard good reviews on here so I decided not to walk. She asked if i've been here before to which I replied with a smile that I've heard about this place. She knew what I wanted so we delt with the cash, 40 pounds it was for the hour massage which I think is pretty good value. She did not mention hand relief at this point.

Took my clothes off and hopped on the massage table face down. Lights were dim and the usual relaxing music played in the background. I felt very comfortable here and she seemed to be a nice lady who wanted to get on with her job. Oiled my back up and she started massaging me. Honestly speaking? The massage was wonderful. Probably the best massage i've had in england. She asked if I want hard or soft, I said medium haha..it was perfect. I'd say she works on your back arms for about 35 minutes then proceeds to your legs/feet for about 20 or so minutes. Didn't have my phone on me so couldn't really count the time.

I intermittently talked to her a little towards the start of the conversation. At the start is was just brief small talk, but when I practiced some chinese words I learned and talked about how I visited China a few months back she loved it  :rolleyes: Started talking a little bit about China in general and how I like Asian women etc etc. Her English is ok and we got by. I'd say she really appreciated the fact I knew some basic (albeit dirty) Mandarin language haha.
Anyway I think i was talking a little too much so I piped down and let her get on with the massage.

Before she flipped me over so i was lying on my back she proceeded to take some of her clothes off. When she greets you at the reception she is dressed in leggings and a top etc, but the leggings come off in the room towards the end. SHe had a nice figure, wore a nice skirt and short top. I was quite turned on by her mature looks actually and was seriously tempted to ask her how much for sex. Anyway when I got flipped over she asked me if I wanted hand relief, obviously I said yes. I was already naked so she got some oil out and started giving me a nice hand job. It was good, not the best but good. During this time she let me suck on her nipples (she got them out and didn't charge) and I also had my hand up her skirt  :yahoo: I think she briefly said she charges for this or doesn't allow it but I think I got in her good books when I had a convo with her during the massage. Her tits were great, nice, supple and juicy. Due to the skirt and the pants she wore underneath I couldnt quite finger her and it was awkward when lying down so i just groped as best as I could there haha.

Anyway she was tugging me for a good 10 minutes or so and asked why I haven't came yet. I said I prefer it harder so initially I was just mildly enjoying what she was giving me (I didn't want to come anyway I was enjoying this!). She started tugging me harder until completion. It was good, she kept tugging me to make sure I got everything out and boy did I.  She cleaned me up I got dressed and she complimented me. I paid her the 20 pounds for the hand relief at the end and also gave a 5 pound tip. I was happy and satisfied.

Pro: Easy location,
fantastic massage
Hand relief available
Good value for money

Bad: They lie on the phone about who is available
Girls rotate every week so who knows about who will massage you before you arrive.
A family lives upstairs with children and you can hear them running around. Kind of ruins the atmosphere a little.

Overall - Fantastic massage, almost comparable to that in china. Hand relief offered. Good value.

 :hi: great report and agree about the massage I took the hard one and it was so good I nearly forgot about the HR I was looking forward to.... :lol:

Offline Stickitin

I find these Chinese massage places extremely consistent, you always know what you are going to get, so they serve a good purpose. The girls are just about always in the 35-45 age range, if you set your expectations at the right level you will rarely be disappointed.  :thumbsup:

Offline heisenberg.

You are both right chaps. I've been to China and had wonderful massages by women in their 20's for about £20 ! I'd say in terms of performance this is almost as good!

Offline Iloveoral

That's not bad value for a decent massage and a tug, a little far away for me but good review matey

This was the same place and, I think, the same masseur I had on a visit in early December.
I arrived about 7pm, and she (no name!) was closing up business for the day, which surprised me as they are supposed to be open until 930pm. Anyway, she was prepared to provide a massage, but I felt I could only ask for 30 minutes, especially as she went off to inform someone else that the departure would be delayed.

I agree that this was an excellent massage. I had very many Chinese massages, mostly in London, and this was fantastic. Even though it a short affair, the therapist used hot stones and was very professional. She was not the most forthcoming masseur, but pleasant enough. Early 40s, I would assess.

I was asked if I wanted HR for £20 while I was still on my front, which was unusual. Having happily concurred with the suggestion, she played with me a little while I was facing down, then was asked to roll over, showing a burgeoning stiff one. The HR was ok, maybe a little clinical and firm, which again was probably down to time limitations. But I had a fine cum, and was well cleaned up afterwards - as I am uncircumcised, the wiping was a little too invasive, but she realised my sensitivity and reduced the pressure.

There was no hint of any hint of undressing or anything else on the masseur's part, but I gently rested my hand on her behind, which was happily accepted, for the approaching HE.

I will be returning, simply because the wonderful quality of the massage. Next time, certainly for an hour and at an earlier time, so maybe the therapist will offer a little more?! I will report further if it is of interest here.

I must admit to being rather shy in requesting extra services from massage establishments - and I usually wait to respond to what is offered. I certainly feel uncomfortable in "groping" or trying to undress a therapist unless I've been given a clear green light. Is that unusual, and should I be little more proactive in addressing the masseur? Certainly, in the Chinese establishments in London, the masseurs are usually quite clear in what they offer and want to provide.

Offline allross

Thanks for the report. It is unusual that they were closing so early as the place is normally open until 930-10 with 1 or 2 ladies working.

You can ask for a body to body massage there without causing offence if you want services above a clothed HE.

Offline webpunter

Didn't have my phone on me so couldn't really count the time.
Err .... leave your watch on.  I find this invaluable when it comes to timing 'thunderbirds are go' 5 mins before the end.  Better one that is easy to glance at so looking isn't too obvious

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