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Author Topic: LetMe_LuvU newcastle adultwork  (Read 506 times)

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Offline chris_kc


let me start off by saying I've always looked on this website for reviews but never actually posted a review myself. so please bear with me. ok so now down to the review

PROFILE. i can confirm she is Romanian and her photos are real. but they are not current and up to date. she certainly is not as attractive as her photos on AW. she also has gained a little weight and her body is not as tidy as it is on the photos. but she was still attractive enough for me to go in and not walk way. which i nearly did for another reason. more of that was about later on in the review

THE ACCOMMODATION. so the bedroom was a mess with clothes and things lying around. just generally looked grubby. not impressed

THE LOCATION. handy supermarket car park near by only 3 mins walk from there. there was a man standing outside his front door who lived rite next door! and youngins were kicking a football about in the street. at this point i was thinking this just seems a bit to suspect. so i walked straight threw the street and waited for him to fuck off back into in house.

SERVICES. i just like receiving massage, lap dance, owo and sex depending on my mood. not really into anal or any kinky shit. so what was it like? pretty shit to be honest. she was complaining about the noise of the bed as soon i started getting some strong pounding going. then she complained about the position saying that i was to deep. fuck sake man! it was only mish with her legs pinned back. so being a gentleman i asked her. whats your favourite position. she said doggy. so i was like, yeah fine. then in doggy she started complaining more. she said i was being to hard and then pointed to her clearly healed scar off a c-section i can only imagine. the only good thing i can say is that when i thought fuck this! I'm just going to cum and get the fuck out of here. i started pounding her hard and she was like moaning sexually no no this is bad, this is bad, to big, to big. then she changed her choon and was moaning ugh this is good, this is good, good hard. that was a slight turn on for me. as for the owo was totally passionless and crap! would never return ever! stay clear!

i know a lot of people say to keep clear of Romanians but there not all bad. my best ever punt was with a Romanian girl. and yes I've used various agencies etc to have something to compare with. in fact that girl is still available in newcastle and has been for a while. i'll def leave her a review on here.

any tips on leaving future reviews appreciated



3 review(s) found for LetMe_LuvU linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline sesalovdarlo

Yea I saw her in Stockton. I actually thought she was very good looking , just like her pics. Wouldn't say she has put on weight but rather the poses are flattering. Her ass is great.

Your right about her services though. Pretty crap. However I did request rimming on her and that she was clean for it. Generally when iv requested this from a Romanian, they have clearly made fuck all effort to clean there ass or pussy. But her ass was great. She kept squirming initially when i started rimming her, which then turned to her telling me she genuinely enjoys it, backing her ass right on to my tongue. When I stopped she asked me if I would do it longer!! That really really did it for me  :diablo:

I did fuck her ass also which was rushed and she constantly moan throughout it!!
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Offline maxxblue

Do you know she is advertising bareback, lads?

Offline sesalovdarlo

Do you know she is advertising bareback, lads?

Yep, spotted that after I punted.

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