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Author Topic: Isla - NNE (NaughtyNorthernEscorts)  (Read 694 times)

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Offline b911

1 hr incall, £110


After a few mishaps a finally managed an appointment with Isla recently. Like others I was tempted by her cracking profile pic and therefore requested her to wear this lingerie set.

Arrived at a fairly discreet location in Sunderland town centre 10 mins early and text the agency to inform them of my arrival and to let me know when Isla was ready. Got a text back saying she was just getting ready. About 10 mins passes and it took a few back and forth messages before I got the all clear to head up.

Entered the appartment to be greeted by a tall good looking girl with a fab body. Checked my watch and notes it was 10 mins into the allocated appt time. Followed her into the bedroom with a bit of small talk. Initially she seemed quite quiet and subdued. Paperwork out of the way and I was eager to get started. She didn't have he lingerie from her pic on but I couldn't be bothered to raise this and risk ruining the atmosphere for the rest of the punt.

Leant in for some kissing but Isla kept her lips quite tight and it seemed that Dfk was a no go which is always a killer for me. Anyway off with the clothes and onto some owo which she initiated without a problem. Isla is a good looking girl with a fantastic body and I was soon beginning to enjoy the owo a bit too much so got her to take her lingerie off and went down for some pleasant ro. Clean shaven and sweet tasting with no hint of anything unsavoury at all to was a treat and Isla responded nicely, nothing over the top.

Went in for some owo again, donned the Mac and began round one with her in cow girl. The sight of her fine body going to work was sublime but Isla has some of the finest tits in he both east. A vey good size for her slim frame but beautifully full and a pettiness and perkiness that had to be seen. The only only for who's tits are comparable is Bethany/diamonds.

Unfortunately the lack of eye contact dampened what otherwise wouldn't have been a fantastic round 1. Nevertheless I buried my face in the cracking tits and let her ride me till I came. Afterwards we did the routine clean up and had a post coital chat. I wasn't expecting much but at this point she did become much more engaging. We had some good chat and when I began striking her boobs she started on for round two. More owo, hen I went into mish. I always like mish with a slightly reserved girl as I can control the depth and intensity of the fuck so round 2 was great with Isla responding nicely again. Switched over to finish off in doggy and I can say the sight of her head down, slim waist tapering up to a perfect peach of an Arse was a sight to behold.

At this point we were prob 40 mins into the punt and after a rest I raised the subject of trying for a third pop. She said we didn't have long left but I mentioned we started late and I wouldn't take too long so we went for some more owo and on with the hood. Unfortunately the gap downstairs failed to rise for this occasion.

All in all a satisfactory punt but I left feeling that it could have been so much more. I scored his a positive as I was looking to fuck a girl with a fantastic body which is what I did. However I didn't really click with Isla, and she came across very young and inexperienced even tho she isn't. The lack of Dfk, connection lack of eye contact and slight reluctance amounted to take the shine off what could have been a fantastic encounter.

To summarise, her body is every inch as good as it looks in the pics, her tits are divine. If you want to fuck a young slim fine bodied girl great. I prefer a more intimate or passionate experience so I'm not sure if return. Basically, she's as fit as Bethany, possibly fitter, but without her sexual appetite and willingness to make it enjoyable for herself and for you. If Bethany was available more I wouldn't hesitate to see her.

If Isla could raise her game she would be right at the top of the north east scene, but unfortunately I feel there are better punts available despite her top drawer body

good review although it seems to come across as more as a neutral to me , which seems a shame considering her body looks awesome.

Offline b911

I was considering making a neutral but he sex was pretty good and her body was fantastic. It was more that with a bit of willingness and enjoyment she would have been one of the best out there.

Offline Third Man

thanks for review, based on description of her body and looks id visit her.

Offline Rod trotter

Thanks for the review

She sounds crap mate apart from looking the part.

What sets the gooduns apart is their willingness to get into every punt, to make it a fantasy fuck, she just sounds a bit not into it really for me.no offense but shes a big no from me
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Offline b911

Thanks for the review

She sounds crap mate apart from looking the part.

What sets the gooduns apart is their willingness to get into every punt, to make it a fantasy fuck, she just sounds a bit not into it really for me.no offense but shes a big no from me

I agree about what sets the best apart. She wasn't totally uninterested, but I like lots of Dfk and eye contact and eagerness. Hence despite the fab body not too sure I would spend my £110 on her.

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